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Image: Get ahead of IT lifecycle management and risk mitigation with a holistic view of your IT assets

We’re experiencing a technological revolution like never before. Organizations must constantly adapt in order to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving IT landscape. Keeping your technology assets secure, well-governed and cost effective is no easy feat.

And these days, complete visualization of your IT environment can be the difference between your organization’s success—or its failure.

The new tech frontier requires better IT visibility

Flexera’s inaugural 2021 State of IT Visibility Report compiled survey results from 300 global technology decision makers and users to get a better understanding of the consensus around all things IT visibility—information technology clarity from IT asset discovery, data normalization, and configuration management database (CMDB) quality to context and business service mapping, lifecycle management, vulnerability assessment and rationalization of applications. The report discovered not as many organizations have as much of a holistic view of their estate as you may think.

In fact, less than 25 percent said they have complete visibility into their IT assets and their impact on business outcomes. Nearly three-fourths of respondents felt they had somewhat to complete visibility into on-premises hardware assets and 68 percent felt the same for on-premises software.

But IT visibility significantly declines when it comes to cloud instances and SaaS.

Threats are everywhere

Lack of visibility into cloud and SaaS is a huge concern. It’s no secret that dangerous security risks and vulnerabilities are increasing at a blistering pace. The report found over 21,000 vulnerabilities detected in 2020-21. And when asked to cite their greatest concerns about IT assets, survey respondents ranked vulnerabilities and software sprawl first and second, respectively.

With all the important business initiatives that rely upon your IT assets, leaving even a small percentage exposed to threats can be a costly mistake. Not to mention wasted spend and space.

The importance of complete visibility cannot be overstated. Most respondents from the report said understanding how their business services are powered by their IT assets—and the free flow of IT asset data to existing tools—were moderately, fairly or very valuable.

The best way to manage your IT estate is to understand how it’s all connected. When you have better visibility of your IT assets you can make better informed decisions.

If you can’t see your assets, how can you expect to know when they will reach end-of-life or end-of-support dates? How will you know when an application has multiple, duplicative versions installed? Or when something is vulnerable to costly attacks from hackers?

Without complete IT visibility, you won’t.

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IT Visibility

The business promise of your IT is huge. But it takes a complete, up-to-date view of your hybrid environment to make the most of it.

IT leaders need comprehensive, clear insights into their technology to fuel the data-driven decision making that leads to better results. To see more highlights from the inaugural report, check out our latest infographic or download the full report below.

2021 State of IT Visibility Report
2021 State of IT Visibility Report

2021 State of IT Visibility Infographic
2021 State of IT Visibility Infographic