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Image: A new way to manage Salesforce Marketing Cloud entitlements

Here at Flexera, we are passionate about teaming up with our partners to provide the most seamless experience for our customers. As of late, we’ve been working with Salesforce to make managing your Salesforce environment easier than ever. In early January of 2022, we announced new functionality in Flexera One around the Salesforce AppExchange. This release allows you to save precious dollars and protect your company’s critical information by allowing you to manage your AppExchange licenses and users within Flexera One.

As we look to build on our vision to have an industry-leading partnership with Salesforce, we have expanded our focus to now include cost optimization support for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing automation and analytics tool used by sales and marketing organizations to connect with their customers. However, historically, managing contacts – due to the way they are consumed within line of business units – has proved to be difficult and ineffective.

Discovery with our customers showed that it’s not enough to just get a view of Marketing Cloud entitlements within Flexera One. We had to rethink how we look at contacts within the environment. Salesforce Marketing Cloud contacts are defined by:

  • an individual added to any contact database within the Marketing Cloud instance and
  • any other individual to whom a message is sent via any channel using Marketing Cloud.

With the way contacts are defined by Salesforce in mind, we have created the first consumption-based model for managing Salesforce Marketing Cloud contacts within Flexera One.

Now, your SAM team can manage your Marketing Cloud entitlements with a tool that enables them to view entitlements and consumption alongside your other SaaS application entitlements. Giving the organization control of your Marketing Cloud spend whilst ensuring that there are no unplanned expenses related to Marketing cloud usage.

This new capability includes:

  • The ability to see Salesforce Marketing Cloud contacts entitlement and usage
  • A new view of the number of contacts that have been created and the number that can still be created
  • The ability to see users and departments that are using contacts
  • And a new view that shows contacts usage against entitlements over time

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