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Secunia Research

The Secunia Research team from Flexera is comprised of a number of security specialists who–in addition to testing, verifying, and validating public vulnerability reports–conduct their own vulnerability research in various products. Since the founding of the Secunia Research team, it has been our goal to be the most accurate and reliable source of vulnerability intelligence.

Delivering the world's best vulnerability intelligence requires skill and passion. The members of our team continually develop their skills exploring various high-profile closed and open source software using a variety of approaches, focusing chiefly on thorough code audits and binary analysis.   

This enables them to discover hard-to-find vulnerabilities that are not normally identified via techniques such as fuzzing, and the approach has been effective. Members of the Secunia Research team have discovered critical vulnerabilities in products from vendors including Microsoft, Symantec, IBM, Adobe, RealNetworks, Trend Micro, HP, Blue Coat, Samba, CA, Mozilla, and Apple.

Advisory Database

Conducting vulnerability research is absolutely essential to ensure that software vendors and programmers fix the vulnerabilities in their software before it is being exploited by criminals. Flexera is dedicated to reporting vulnerabilities discovered by both others and by the Secunia Research team.

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Vulnerability Disclosure

The Secunia Research Team is deeply committed to discovering new vulnerabilities, focusing on popular, widely used enterprise and end-user software used by the community. When discovered, these vulnerabilities are always reported to the vendors with whom we work to get the vulnerabilities fixed according to our responsible disclosure policy.

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Secunia Research Blog

The Secunia Research blog provides an insight on Secunia Research’s opinions and views. It includes details on some of the vulnerabilities our team has analyzed and vulnerabilities discovered by our researchers.

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