Get Clear on Your Data

Flexera Normalize Makes Reconciliation Easy

Data is only useful if it can be combined with other data. With Flexera Normalize, you can eliminate time-consuming, ineffective manual efforts for data reconciliation. Aggregate and normalize raw data. More than 40 different data sources. Make better decisions with better visibility and comprehensive product details.

Flexera Normalize can:

  • Extract and normalize data from 40+ data sources
  • Normalize procurement and deployment data
  • Categorize data as "known" or "irrelevant" using our patented rule-based mapping
  • De-duplicate installation data using an “ordering version” to avoid double counting
  • Differentiate between suite and standalone installations
  • Categorize any “unknowns” within pre-defined SLAs using a unique and comprehensive "Gap Fill" process
  • Make normalized data readily available and consumable via the Publish interface
  • Automatically translate purchase orders to complete entitlement information
  • Decipher POs with missing or incomplete part numbers or part descriptions