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Flexera Software supports and contributes to the community in several ways. We have always believed that reliable vulnerability intelligence and tools to aid identifying and fixing vulnerabilities should be freely available for consumers to ensure that users, who care about their online privacy and security, can stay secure. Only a few vendors address vulnerabilities in a proper way and help users get updated and stay secure. End-users (whether private individuals or businesses) are otherwise left largely alone, and that is why back in 2002, Secunia Research started investigating, coordinating disclosure and verifying software vulnerabilities. In 2016, Secunia Research became a part of Flexera Software and today our in-house software vulnerability research remains the core of the Software Vulnerability Management products at Flexera Software.

Free Automated Vulnerability Scanning
Flexera Software is currently the only company to offer an enterprise grade authenticated vulnerability scanner: Personal Software Inspector, free-of-charge to consumers. Personal Software Inspector utilizes vulnerability intelligence, which is the foundation of the commercial Software Vulnerability Management offerings from Flexera Software. An abstract of the full vulnerability intelligence is also available in the public Advisory database. The public Advisory database contains sufficient information for researchers, security enthusiasts, and consumers to lookup individual products and vulnerabilities and assess, whether they need to take any actions to secure their systems or whether a given vulnerability has already been discovered.

Advisory Database

Conducting vulnerability research is absolutely essential to ensure that software vendors and programmers fix the vulnerabilities in their software before it is being exploited by criminals. Flexera Software is dedicated to reporting vulnerabilities discovered by both others and by the Secunia Research team.

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Vulnerability Research

The Secunia Research Team is deeply committed to discovering new vulnerabilities, focusing on popular, widely used enterprise and end-user software used by the community. When discovered, these vulnerabilities are always reported to the vendors with whom we work to get the vulnerabilities fixed according to our responsible disclosure policy.

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Community Forum

The Community Forum is the place where community members can share knowledge and discuss on topics such as patching, product updates, vulnerability threats, exploits, and anything that is IT security related.

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Our tamed security specialists test, verify, and validate public vulnerability reports, and also conduct their own vulnerability research in various products

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