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Image: What is IT Visibility?

Understanding the complexities of a sprawling digital landscape to clearly see your IT estate

Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape is intricate and dynamic, with thousands of applications and services scattered across hundreds of providers. Needless to say, IT lifecycle and risk management can be a special kind of obstacle to conquer.

IT leaders need clear visibility into the data and infrastructure supporting their organizations. You can’t effectively manage all the complexities without complete, accurate and up-to-date visibility into every technology asset: from on-premises to private or public cloud. Keeping your technology assets secure, well-governed and cost-effective requires IT visibility. But what does IT visibility really mean?

IT visibility requires leveraging data normalization and business contextualization to manage your technology assets. This includes understanding the sprawl of your IT asset inventory across on-premises, SaaS and cloud, as well as managing their lifecycle for upgrades and removal. Gaining a clear view into your CMDB, business services, vulnerability posture and the data that fuels your technology ecosystem results in IT visibility that powers outcomes for your organization.

Making informed business decisions

Visibility into your IT data—especially toward adaptability to changing technology—is foundational for your organization’s success. With clear and reliable IT visibility you can make better business decisions:

Optimize your spend:

  • Improve the accuracy of your budgeting and forecasting
  • Understand how much you’re spending for on-premises and cloud across your enterprise
  • Analyze costs by account, region, data center, application, user, time period, provider and more
  • Identify waste and inefficiencies

Maintain robust governance:

  • Automate processes and policy enforcement
  • Track service and account usage
  • Identify shadow SaaS
  • Generate recommendations for app consolidation or elimination

Optimize license position:

  • Gain visibility into vendor licensing and contracts for on-premises and cloud assets
  • Track your licensing costs
  • Optimize license use
  • Ensure compliance with license teams

Ensure strong security:

The tools to get there

It’s no wonder the right data is essential to gain the insights you need to effectively manage your technology assets—but knowing the right way to get from point A to point B can be challenging.

CIOs, CFOs and IT leaders are continually challenged to deliver more value for every technology dollar invested. You need the right tools to help you gather, consolidate and leverage your data since it’s scattered across multiple disparate sources—both inside and outside of your organization. With the right data, the right tools and the right partner, you can gain the comprehensive and clear visibility you need to meet the challenge of technology asset management.