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Global biopharmaceutical manufacturer AstraZeneca wanted to improve the many ways it delivered software to employees. Flexera provided a complete solution, which included App Broker (formerly App Portal) and the FlexNet Manager Suite. The company improved its software asset management and created a more intuitive, slimmed-down version of its internal app store, improving user access to its software catalog and employee satisfaction with the entire application process. AstraZeneca saw a return of nearly $2 million in the first year the Flexera solution was implemented.

The challenge

An outdated and inefficient software management system bogged down AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca, the global manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals, found that its software management was restricting the company’s research and growth. AstraZeneca faced difficulties in deploying software, managing service delivery and overseeing governance.

Employees reported poor experiences with the company’s software store, and the more than 3,700 applications were difficult to search. Furthermore, there was no integration with the outsourced software asset management (SAM) program, resulting in a resource-intensive manual process.

The more than 3,700
used by AstraZeneca employees were difficult to search

The solution

Flexera’s App Broker and FlexNet Manager Suite improve SAM effectiveness and enhance employee satisfaction

As part of a CIO-led initiative to transform IT services, AstraZeneca set a goal of cutting IT costs by half and improving user satisfaction for the more than 50,000 employees. The first step was bringing its outsourced IT management back in house.

AstraZeneca invested in several IT service management (ITSM) and SAM tools, including Flexera’s App Broker and FlexNet Manager Suite. The company enhanced its ITSM capabilities with SAM and license optimization. AstraZeneca rebranded its enterprise app store as the AZ SoftwareStore. This new application interface for employees, built on App Portal, delivered a simpler and more intuitive user experience and was a huge success from the start.

Flexera’s [App Broker] and FlexNet Manager Suite have enabled us to proactively maintain license compliance, streamline service delivery and significantly improve the user experience. The new AZ SoftwareStore has delivered annual labor savings of nearly $2 million. Simplification has really driven results and delivered valuable time and cost savings back to the business.

Global software asset management lead AstraZeneca

The results

Drug maker sees massive savings in money, time

AstraZeneca’s in-sourcing initiative and modernized SAM program resulted in significant resource and cost savings, including labor savings in the first year alone of $1,968,000. The company’s bloated software catalog saw an 89 percent reduction, resulting in improved usability and ongoing governance.

As a result of these enhancements, more than 25,000 hours were created annually that employees and IT can use to focus on what matters most to the company. Ultimately, the company dramatically increased visibility over its software spend.

The solution’s enhancements resulted in the creation of 25,000 hours annually that could be allocated to revenue-enhancing initiatives

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