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How a workplace management software provider managed their cloud cost challenges


At a Glance

Accruent is a leading provider of software for integrated workplace management systems, with more than 25 locations around the world. Over the years, the company made many acquisitions that left them with more than 85 separate cloud accounts across most of the major cloud providers. Accruent lacked a unified way to view all their cloud costs at once, leading to difficulties in decision making. Upon choosing the Flexera solution, Accruent gained single-pane-of-glass visibility into their cloud spend, ensuring everyone in the organization could see and share cloud account information. And Flexera helped the company save $200,000 annually through cloud cost optimization.

The Challenge

Lacking a single view of cloud costs made decision-making difficult

Because of the volume and speed of acquisitions made by Accruent, the company had more than 85 separate cloud accounts spread across most of the major providers. With 85 different keys, they lacked a single, comprehensive view of their entire cloud account environment, making budgeting and ownership a guessing game. The IT staff was relying on word-of-mouth communication from the original owners of the cloud accounts to organize and manage them.

Accruent found it difficult to get reliable figures from the 30 key people with knowledge about the cloud accounts. Moreover, each of those people diagnosed challenges differently.

More than 85 cloud accounts needed centralized

The Solution

Only one company provided the ability to organize data exactly as desired

Flexera delivered the only solution that could organize data
the way Accruent wanted

Accruent wanted a solution that could see beyond the cloud and allow them to view their use as applications, not as nodes in a cloud vendor. They considered one of Flexera’s competitors, but that company’s software couldn’t see across all clouds. Flexera’s cloud cost management solution afforded them the ability to look across different cloud instances.

Flexera provided Accruent with the only solution that could organize data the way they wanted. The solution allowed Accruent to export filtered data to spreadsheets, which gave them the ability to answer questions about their cloud use with empirical data. “Flexera is such a flexible tool, allowing high-level views,” said Houston Hutchinson, cloud operations engineer at Accruent. “In three clicks, you can be looking at network egress from the UK South region for a pool of webservers.”

Flexera is such a flexible tool, allowing high-level views.

Houston Hutchinson Cloud Operations Engineer, Accruent

The results

Gained better-informed decision-making and $200,000 in annual savings

Because of Flexera, IT leadership at Accruent now can view all their cloud accounts in a single pane of glass. Everyone at the company sees the same numbers and can be on the same page. Accruent can now make better-informed decisions by seeing all their cloud spend, including any unexpected or authorized costs.

Flexera allowed us to diagnose and save $200,000 per year across three cloud vendors without disrupting operations.

Houston Hutchinson Accruent

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