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Gain Insight Into Your Technology Environment

When the information you have about your hardware and software is inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated, your company’s efficiency and performance suffer. Poor quality data leads to poor decisions, especially when your systems lack the product and market intelligence necessary to answer even simple questions like “Which of my products will be at end-of-life in the next six months?”

Flexera's data intelligence library, Technopedia, is the most trusted and comprehensive hardware and software asset information source in the world. Drawing on a constantly updated and curated content repository, Technopedia includes more than 3.5 million products and more than 250+ million data points of timely and relevant product and market intelligence to provide insight into your environment. Flexera’s data normalization software provides the foundation for quickly making the best, most effective decisions for enterprise technology by delivering a complete, categorized listing of all your hardware and software, eliminating confusion and ensuring all your systems speak a common language.

Now you can

  • Understand your obsolescence challenges
  • Rationalize application sprawl
  • Improve CMDB data quality
  • Increase transparency of IT organizational assets
  • Share the same IT asset information across systems, workflows, reports and stakeholders
  • Reduce regulatory compliance risk associated with IT asset data
  • Respond faster to audits with efficiency
  • Identify security risk of your software assets with premium data from Secunia Research

Key advantages of Data Normalization

  • Simplified vendor audit process and reduced cost of true-ups
  • Reduced IT costs, increased service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Complete visibility into your assets to support IT asset management initiatives
  • Detailed info on 3.5+ million hardware and software releases
  • Content packs extend catalog with up-to-date market data daily updates ensure data fidelity
  • Awareness of software security landscape with advisories from Secunia Research
Gain insight into your IT environment with Data Platform

Gain insight into your IT environment with IT Visibility



Economic Impact of the Flexera Data Platform

Learn how you can achieve 302% or more ROI by using Flexera Data Platform. Read this Forrester Consulting study today!

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Case Study

Helping Steer Autotrader to Standardization

Find out how we standardized data and delivered turnkey asset management to the online auto retailer.

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Flexera Technopedia Manufacturer Product EOL/EOS 2019 Report

Flexera analyzed product manufacturers' 2019 EOL and EOS data using Technopedia®, the industry's most trusted and comprehensive technology asset information source. A summary of results is included in this report, and even includes some insights for 2020.

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Case Study

Department of Energy

Flexera solutions enabled DOE to use normalized IT asset data to properly assess the vulnerability of existing software and hardware to significantly enhance the effectiveness in managing cybersecurity.

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Create Consistent and Clean IT Asset Data

Discover how Normalize can transform your IT data.

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Analyze is a modern, simplified and interactive approach that empowers users to access, discover and report all types and sizes of IT inventory data.

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See the high-level results of a Forrester® study on the three-year financial impact of using our data platform.
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