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Application Catalog to Maintain and Manage Enterprise's Application Portfolio

A single repository of all the software deployment packages in your Enterprise which enables you to take these applications through the Application Readiness process - Import, Test, Package and Virtualize, Publish.

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Leverage System Center Configuration Manager App Model Data

Save time and effort in the hand-off between packaging and deployment teams. Especially valuable in SCCM environments that are restricted, AdminStudio adds all the SCCM's app model data to an application and then hands it over to SCCM for endpoint distribution, without having to log into SCCM.

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Java Detection and Dependency Reporting Video

There are more than 300 versions of Java. AdminStudio ferrets out the Java dependencies in your application portfolio. Reduce risks and costs to focus QA efforts where they’re needed. Report end-of-life info for Java dependencies.

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Windows Application Compatibility  Video

Migrate to Windows 10 with confidence by detecting and fixing installers compatibility issues. Gain insight with reports of specific errors and warnings and fix many of them automatically. Professional edition allows for single application testing, while Enterprise allows for batch testing.

Standard - Professional Partial Enterprise Yes
Complete Automation via PowerShell Cmdlets

Considerable time savings may be realized through automation. With AdminStudio, the entire application readiness process (importing, testing and distributing applications) can be automated using PowerShell cmdlets. Bulk processing of tasks such as accepting, testing and even virtualizing applications can be simplified through AdminStudio’s robust scripting support.

Automating AdminStudio with PowerShell

Standard - Professional - Enterprise Yes
Accelerate Application Virtualization Video

Enjoy a fully automated virtualization conversion process that is up to nine times faster than current tools. Converts MSI and legacy installers to Microsoft App-V and publish directly to App-V Server and ConfigMgr. Other supported formats include VMWare ThinApp and Microsoft MSIX.

Standard Limited Professional Partial Enterprise Yes
Detailed, Intuitive Reports and Dashboards

A simple of view your entire Application Portfolio to help you figure out what and how many applications are in what status to take the right decision on further actions. The reporting becomes even more powerful as you look to IT Initiatives such as Windows 10 migration or adoption of virtualization.

Standard - Professional - Enterprise Yes
Publish Packages to Popular Deployment Systems  Video

Integration with deployment solutions streamlines the end to end Application Readiness process. Publish packages directly to supported management systems for speed and consistency and eliminate the need to manually introduce and configure packages to endpoint management systems.

Standard Partial Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Maintain Mobile Application Readiness 

Mobility helps your business compete. Flexera’s Mobile Application Management helps your business win. Using the same simple process, you’ll quickly scan your mobile applications to understand app behavior and configuration and identify security risks. Generate readiness reports and app portfolio statuses. It’s like being lead mechanic on the mobility pit crew. Avoid hassles and confusion by managing mobile apps using the same proven process that works so well for Mac, Windows, MAM solutions like VMWare and Workspace ONE, as well as virtual applications.

Standard - Professional Partial Enterprise Yes
Enhance Delivery with PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit (PSADT) Video

Wrapping packages with scripts dramatically improves the consistency of managing installation behavior, branding and offers a logical home for the customization of installations. AdminStudio makes it easy to leverage the industry leading solution, the PowerShell App Deployment Toolkit, with its simple template based integration.

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Enhance Delivery with the WiseScript Editor (WSE)

Wrapping packages with scripts dramatically improves the consistency of managing installation behavior, branding and offers a logical home for the customization of installations. AdminStudio provides WiseScript Editor as a popular solution for those that seek the benefits of a script wrapper without possessing the necessary scripting skills to achieve such.

Read the Wise Script Editor and AdminStudio blog post

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Simplify MacOS Video

Configure and Prepare Mac Applications for Deployment. Test Mac Apps for MacOS Compatibility to Ensure They Work as Expected. Import App Store Links as Part of a Consistent and Predictable Process. Publish Prepared and Approved Mac Applications via JAMF Pro.

Standard - Professional Partial Enterprise Yes
Seamless Integration with Other Flexera Solutions

Enables Adminstudio to drive the processes around Application recognition with FlexNET Manager for SAM And License Optimization while automating the hand over of the applications to the App Portal Self Service App Store.

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Leverage Virtual Machines for Repackaging and Testing

Repackaging is best performed on a “clean machine” meaning a system with minimal software and services present. You can save time and speed the repackaging process by quickly and reliably by allowing AdminStudio to spin up clean machines for repackaging and testing activates.

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Test Applications for Quality, Conflicts and Best Practices

Testing for conflicts and best practices is a proactive step to avoid these failures. Applications deployed on the end machine might have conflicts with each other and may fail to operate as expected. Best practices testing ensures packages meet the required standards before deployment.

Standard - Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Advanced Editing Powered by InstallShield

AdminStudio includes the industry leading solution for authoring setups, Installshield. Build and edit MSI and MSIX installers with both simple and advanced capabilities in a powerful, intuitive environment.

Standard Yes Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Repackage Legacy Setups to Custom, Silent Installers

Create custom Windows Installer (MSI and MSIX) setups that silently install applications according to your desired specifications. MSI is a widely supported installer format with many robust features and MSIX is the new installation format Microsoft is positioning as the new standard in application installation.

Articles about MSIX in the Flexera Community

Standard Yes Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
Create Transforms to Customize Windows Installer Packages

Windows Installer Transform (MST) files can be created with ease using Tuner. User Interface Configuration options are captured through a simple wizard into a transformation file enabling all installations settings to be pre-configured for silent installation. This simplifies the process of following industry best practices which dictate one should never edit a vendor MSI directly.

Standard Yes Professional Yes Enterprise Yes
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