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Image: Maintain a Sprawling IT Estate with Clear Visibility

IT estates have changed drastically in the past few months. Assets have sprawled throughout organizations quickly, usually to enable nearly seamless user experiences and environment functionality for employees to stay productive.

With so much relying on IT asset and business service availability and reliability, CIOs and business leaders must maintain visibility into the IT estate supporting their organizations. Network and endpoint devices spread across the world as businesses deploy technology assets to workers, enabling them to stay connected and contribute effectively.

From a hardware perspective, the devices deployed for work-at-home usage and their specs need to be appropriately inventoried and easily visible. When you consider the software included on them (vendors, versions, number of available licenses, usage information, etc.), the SaaS applications enabled and increased use of cloud storage, you can see how widely and deeply IT assets have expanded throughout the world.

Leaders have focused much of the effort on getting their businesses up and running in a mobile and remote format. But soon the time will come to reconcile what assets are out there and in use.

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IT Visibility

The business promise of your IT is huge. But it takes a complete, up-to-date view of your hybrid environment to make the most of it.

You’re like many businesses responding to the current state of affairs that is reshaping our workforce—quickly reacting to a drastic change in the global workforce. How do you get a handle on the assets your IT organization just deployed?

You need to understand your IT estate:

  • identify and rationalize sprawl
  • view manufacturers and vendors utilized most by end-users
  • know where users are going to run into risk soon from out of date, end-of-life or otherwise vulnerable software

The importance of data visualization for insights cannot be overstated. Today, a desire to gain visibility into desktop and devices, data centers, virtual servers or SaaS apps and private cloud are taxing IT estates at unprecedented levels. To take action or even deliver directionality, you need a complete and reliable view of IT assets and services to gain data-driven insight.

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