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Image: If Your ServiceNow Implementation Doesn’t Spark Joy, You’re Doing It Wrong

You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) on ServiceNow to drive your business. You fully bought into the idea of running most aspects of your IT through it. Now jobs are on the line, and lives are at stake (sort of). It has to work—but it doesn’t. Not yet. You’re in emergency mode. The promised value isn’t being delivered, and it’s not your fault. It’s probably not the vendor’s fault, either.

You can blame it on dirty data.

ServiceNow—or any ITSM, for that matter—is only as good as the data it contains. We all know the old adage of trash-in, trash-out. If ServiceNow is failing you so far, it’s almost certainly because your data is a mess. You need to clean it up. It’s time to Marie Kondo that ServiceNow implementation.

Kondo, the Japanese home-organization expert with a Netflix series and a global cult following, uses a simple rule when she tackles any clutter: If an item sparks joy, it stays. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s out
of there.

The same principle (loosely) applies to IT. Here’s what you need to do:

Start by gathering all your data in one place

Find all possible sources of inventory data. Leverage your current CMDB and add as many sources as you want. The more the merrier. Seriously. It’s not going to make it more complicated; just more complete.

Flexera can partner with you to get as comprehensive as possible while maintaining an orderly CMDB that is actually normalized (no matter how many sources you throw at it), deduplicated and clean. We will make your IT clean and consistent throughout.

Enrich, share and conquer

You’ve collected all the possible data from within the organization. But you’re still missing key information that only comes from doing lots of market research: end of service life, vulnerabilities, Windows 10 compatibility, virtualization compatibility, hardware specifications and so much more. This stuff isn’t readily available in ServiceNow, but it fuels decisions every day.

Flexera has curated millions of lines of information from the web, vendors and other sources to put deep, trusted knowledge at your fingertips.

Maintain order

Asset information changes by the second, and stale data isn’t any good. You worked hard to gather that data. Now you have to find the processes and tools to keep it relevant. Or you can let Flexera do it for you. With bleeding-edge technology, smart people and—let’s be honest—some joy too, we curate the most authoritative catalog of tech in the world. One that makes customers like yourself look like a hero when it’s time to implement the new ITSM.

Flexera has more than 20 years of experience in software asset management, spend optimization and risk reduction. We’re the experts in helping organizations like yours tidy up their corporate IT—starting with ServiceNow. Hand your implementation problems over to us, and then watch the sparks of joy fly.