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Image: Elevate your ServiceNow with Data Platform

You’ve probably heard the following:

“Align your organization on a single, unified IT service and asset management (ITSM and ITAM) platform. Drive efficiency and effectiveness across your business while elevating the overall IT management experience with a single pane of glass overview.”

Sounds good, sign me up.

But wait—there’s got to be a catch, right? Well, if you’re relying solely on ServiceNow (or your own) configuration management databases (CMDB) for that information, there definitely is a catch. Quality ITSM and ITAM rely on quality data, and that data isn’t always easily accessible or clean to use in your own environments or via ServiceNow’s Discovery.  Maybe you’ve also heard: “garbage in, garbage out.”

Most enterprise technology data within an organization doesn’t add up. It comes from disparate systems, is non-congruous, shifts constantly, is organized for specific use cases and is generally difficult to wrangle. Chances are you’re not a cowboy, so roping and hog-tying aren’t on your resume, but that’s exactly what’s needed to get a CMDB in order, and to get the most out of your ServiceNow integration.

What does an asset manager, head of IT or CEO want out of their ITAM? The answer will differ slightly depending on whom you ask, but the end goal is the same: a clean view of their assets to deliver maximum business value. Nobody wants inaccurate or missing data, where even the best asset management solutions often do no good.

Every day, business leaders need to make decisions on their organization’s trajectory, and those decisions are based on data. But bad data leads to bad decisions.

With clean and complete data, hundreds or even thousands of hours in implementation time—as well as potentially millions of dollars in implementation costs—can be saved. If you’ve already invested in ServiceNow for your ITSM, don’t let that investment go to waste by feeding it bad data.

To deliver maximum return on investment for your ServiceNow instance, you want:

  • ServiceNow CMDB data to be clean, structured and up to date
  • ServiceNow configuration items to be normalized
  • ServiceNow configuration items to be enriched with lifecycle and migration information

But what does that mean for your business? It means you aren’t looking at nine different names for the same version of an application. It means you’re finding out earlier rather than too late that end of life is coming up on your software in order to update. It means you know what you have in your systems to ensure smooth hardware or software migrations.

With Flexera’s certified Data Platform integration, you’ll capitalize on your existing ITSM investment while gaining actionable insights from your clean data:

  • Rationalize the current state of software installed in your organization and reduce the number of products in use. Improve purchasing power and standardize applications to control costs and ensure hardware and software assets are not under- or overutilized.
  • Refresh the organization’s existing desktop infrastructure with the latest OS versions from Microsoft. Armed with detailed asset information, create a detailed migration plan in just weeks, addressing the need to stay within a budget and timeline.
  • Secure and protect your organization from rogue and unprotected software. Identify software that’s high risk and then summarize in detailed reports to quantifiably measure your security protection program.
  • Create automated IT processes such as software provisioning to reduce help desk calls and improve employee satisfaction. Eliminate the tedious task of manually assisting employees with common needs and improve utilization of your IT manpower.

ITAM and ITSM require a solid foundation of high-quality asset information. Flexera solves this challenge for ServiceNow by providing the most trusted and comprehensive repository. Complementing ServiceNow with Data Platform ensures clarity on your enterprise’s assets, revealing interrelationships and dependencies, the information they exchange, and the processes they support.

For more information, check out Data Platform Limited for ServiceNow and contact us to see how Flexera can help you get the most out of your data.