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We are excited to announce that Flexera Workflow Manager 2015 is now available with new features and enhancements to present a more intuitive and consistent user experience for designing and managing both Application Readiness and Software License Optimization workflows.

Flexera Workflow Manager helps enterprises to efficiently administer IT software asset management processes and improve performance, control and accountability through standardization. It reduces costs and maximizes the productivity of IT teams by centralizing and automating workflow management processes and procedures tied to asset and contract lifecycles. It also provides a means for the IT department to interact with end users and increase service levels. Process traceability, prioritization, control, and optimization allow Workflow Manager to improve license compliance across the software estate.

Workflow Manager delivers workflow management features for both Application Readiness and Software License Optimization out of the box. It is integrated with FlexNet Manager Platform, the core IT asset management foundation of the FlexNet Manager Suite. Real time updates to the FlexNet Manager Platform repository allow Workflow Manager to increase data accuracy.


Consistent and repeatable software asset management best practice workflow processes improve accuracy and accountability. By automating workflow tasks, you can increase operational efficiency and improve IT service levels to the organization.

Software Asset Management Workflow Processes

Workflow Manager can help automate and enforce common software asset management processes, here are just a few of the use cases:

  • Service, software, hardware and contract requests and renewals
  • Procurement of new service, software, hardware and contracts
  • Receiving of assets / services from vendors
  • Retirement of assets / contract end of life
  • Auditing: review of contract obligations and current compliance

Benefits of Workflow Management

  • Reduce risk by implementing best practice processes
  • Improve overall license compliance
  • Ease integration with the IT environment
  • Increase organizational accountability, agility and efficiency
  • Improve IT service levels – Increase end user satisfaction

For any software asset management program to be successful, you need to define effective, manageable processes. A workflow management tool can help tie together multiple sources of data, including service desk, configuration management and procurement systems to help automate and enforce all of your software asset management processes.

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