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Image: Think About Changes and New Approaches to Managing Assets in the New Year

As we begin a new year, it’s always good to take a step back and think about where we’ve been and where we’d like to go. This is the same approach we should take when thinking about our technology investments and what changes may need to be implemented, depending on where the market is going. The world isn’t just about software licensing anymore. One of the key market shifts identified in the recent Flexera 2020 State of Tech Spend Survey was the number of respondents who plan to spend more on cloud than on traditional on-premises software.

2020 Changes in IT Spend

Cloud and other technologies, such as containers, continue to be disruptive, even as they become widely adopted in enterprise IT environments. We need to manage these new technologies alongside existing on-premises resources, such as physical hardware, virtual machines and perpetually licensed software.

As the complexity of IT environments increases, having the right management tools becomes even more critical. How do you optimize your IT costs (approximately 5% of revenues are spent on technology) while enabling your organizations to succeed? You need to maintain license compliance for your perpetual software, optimize your SaaS subscriptions, track hardware and control your cloud spend.

Managing perpetual software can be highly complex in a modern environment, as you can deploy it on a physical server, virtual machine, container or cloud instance. Each of those choices will impact your ability to successfully manage and may even require you to purchase a different set of use rights.

Flexera understands the challenges organizations face when trying to manage modern IT environments. Our solutions provide full visibility into everything running across the IT landscape. If an organization finds itself leveraging manual processes in a complex global environment, it’s easy to struggle securing data that accurately reflects all of the assets owned, the total IT spend and entitlements, and to know whether the software you’re running is in compliance.

Flexera continues to find ways to innovate in order to effectively meet the needs of our customers. The breadth and depth of our solutions are unmatched in the market. In addition, Flexera’s technical expertise and knowledge of common customer challenges make us a valuable ally for organizations struggling to manage complex environments.

When you work with us:

  • Flexera helps you optimize spend on Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP and other vendor applications
  • Flexera tracks your hardware assets
  • Flexera manages your cloud costs
  • Flexera optimizes your SaaS subscriptions
  • Flexera helps you identify the best technology choices for your business services

Organizations looking to modernize their environments will want to make sure they have a handle on all their IT assets. Flexera’s capabilities stand out by providing full visibility into your IT organization, supporting dynamic and complex environments. Flexera is an IT partner that can help support your end-to-end needs.

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