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Image: The SAM Game Has Changed

Flexera’s CEO, Jim Ryan, recently presented at the Microsoft Inspire event where Flexera and Microsoft announced a new initiative to transform the software supply chain. As noted in this article on the ITAM Review website— Flexera & Microsoft join forces to crunch ELPs

“Combining Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite with Microsoft’s Intelligent Asset Manager, the aim is to remove the need for expensive, disruptive [software] audits and instead allow partners and customers to focus on delivering value and business transformation.”

Following on the heels of the Microsoft Inspire announcement, Flexera is hosting a live streaming event—The Game Has Changed,  on August 17th (10 am CT) where we will discuss why:

  • Software Asset Management (SAM) can’t live in a silo anymore
  • Stakeholders require easier access to more complete data than ever before
  • More collaboration is required than ever before
  • Software vendors need to step up and support the SAM process
  • The entire IT ecosystem must be more tightly connected

Duncan Jones, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, will be one of our special guest speakers. Duncan serves Sourcing and Vendor Management professionals.

Our goal is to create a software supply chain that is efficient and transparent. This takes wasted expense and risk out of the supply chain for you, the software buyer.

One of the primary goals of the transformed software supply chain is to move away from the focus on software license compliance and focus more on delivering cost savings and business value. Two thirds of businesses get audited at least once every year by software vendors (or their 3rd party delegates). And, audits are typically very time consuming—hundreds, if not thousands, of staff hours can be spent preparing for an audit. Let’s eliminate that!

In addition, Software Asset Management is becoming more important to C-level executives and others across the business. As a result, SAM data needs to be more accessible to all of these stakeholders.

The themes in this event tie into the exciting new capabilities in the next release of FlexNet Manager Suite, coming on August 9th, 2017. Our new Insights Data Analytics dashboard gives each of your users their own view of your hardware and software asset data. It’s extremely configurable to enable them to adjust their view to see exactly what they need to better perform their work.

Cloud and SaaS are key areas of focus for SAM going forward. During the event, you’ll also hear about new capabilities for managing SaaS applications. With the rapid adoption of cloud services you need the ability to control costs and get more value from these services. Attend the event to learn more!

Hear more about how IT Operations, Finance, Procurement and IT Security can collaborate to improve software governance, optimize costs for software and cloud services and mitigate IT security and license compliance risk.

Flexera is reimagining the way that software is Bought, Sold, Managed and Secured.