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Image: SAP Named User and Indirect Access License Optimization

We’ve written about the SAP® UK v Diageo Great Britain, case, where the High Court of England and Wales ruled in favor of SAP who sought a claim of over £55 million against the beverage giant Diageo for “indirect users.”

Flexera has a solution that can help you discover instances of indirect access and to manage and optimize the license requirements for users SAP and non-SAP systems.

In the video “SAP Named User and Indirect Access License Optimization,” you will see a short demo of how FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications can help organizations to discover and optimize license requirements of indirect access scenarios.

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For example, if any Oracle Hyperion users that indirectly access SAP data also have SAP user accounts, then the licenses assigned to those accounts also cover these user’s indirect access license requirements.

But indirect access is not the only SAP license type that can be optimized. There are many SAP named user account types, such as SAP Professional User and SAP Employee User, and their pricing differences can be dramatic. FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications can analyze every SAP users’ transaction history and apply a set of business rules to determine which license type best meets that users’ needs at the lowest possible cost.

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