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Image: Daimler Wins SAMS Europe 2015 Award for Best Software Asset Management Project

At the recent we.CONECT 4th SAMS Europe 2015 conference, Daimler AG / Germany was awarded the first place prize for Best SAM Project. The prize honors projects that have achieved outstanding performance in Software Asset Management (SAM). Daimler won for their SAM Server project, which is one of the largest and most complex SAM projects in the world. Accepting the award for Daimler were Frank Schreckenhöfer, Global Architect, and Gerold Herter, Head of Global License Management.

As with all global companies, the major challenge for Daimler’s license management team was to keep software use compliant while being as cost effective as possible. The SAM Server project not only rolled out a software asset management and license optimization system, but also defined and implemented a new SAM strategy. The core component of their strategy is their “SAM framework,” which covers all elements for a successful software asset management at Daimler, from corporate software guidelines, end-to-end processes, roles and responsibilities, to appropriate tooling.

Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite is the product used by Daimler as the foundation of their software asset management and license optimization. Daimler established an “industrialized, highly automated end-to-end service with the help of FlexNet Manager Suite.”

About the we.CONECT SAMS Europe Conference

The annual European Software Asset Management Strategies conference is a combination of inspirational keynotes and well moderated, interactive world café sessions, intensive discussion rounds and networking sessions. The 4th SAMS Europe focused on approaches, processes and tools for legally compliant management of software assets and licenses. The 2015 event offered discussions and presentations on topics like managing software audits, SAP license management, software compliance and SAM strategy, and surpassed the expectations of more than 150 attendees.

The SAMS Award Prize Money Goes to Charity

The prize money of € 1,000 was donated to Sea-Watch, a private initiative, providing civil sea rescue service for overloaded refugee boats. The project tries to fight for the humanization of politics by providing civil sea rescue service for refugee boats in the Mediterranean Sea.

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