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Flexera Launches Package Feed Module for AdminStudio

Saves countless hours in packaging and deployment of applications

Itasca, IL - August 13, 2019 Flexera, the software company that helps organizations realize technology’s power to accelerate their business, today releases the Package Feed Module, a groundbreaking new add-on module for its popular AdminStudio product.

As the leading application readiness solution, AdminStudio saves users time and money preparing applications for deployment. AdminStudio is well known as the ideal tool for creating custom deployment packages. It provides a suite of powerful tools and processes to create, analyze, and correct deployment packages to lower the risk of a failed deployment, as well as tools to customize and convert installations into many popular deployment formats (like App-V and the up-and-coming MSIX format).

Time-consuming research and testing have required attention of administrators—until now. The new Package Feed Module helps leverage detailed package information for nearly 3,000 application installers. The Package Feed Module provides integrated downloading along with valuable details for thousands of application installers. Such eliminates the time-consuming effort that IT administrators routinely face in trying to identify the latest version of a product and where to get it, the silent installation parameters for a particular version of an application, testing, and even determining the detection rules often needed for a successful deployment.

“Each application deployment is a puzzle—from where to get the latest version (easy) to how to silently install it the way you want (difficult). Each vendor seems to offer its own way to automate deployment, while some offer no options at all,” said Bob Kelly, Director of Product Management at Flexera. “AdminStudio is unparalleled in its ability to help users get exactly what they need as quickly and reliably as is possible, whether they’re working on a Windows 10 migration or just updating an existing application to address a security issue.”

For more information about AdminStudio, with details of covered applications and a video about the Package Feed Module, visit For more information on pricing, packaging, or an online, contact Flexera at or 1-800-374-4353.


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