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Flexera Announces Discovery and Inventory Capabilities for Containers

Itasca, IL - April 9, 2020 Flexera, the company that helps organizations maximize business value from their technology investments, today announces it has significantly expanded the visibility customers can have into IT assets in their environment. Flexera has added the capability for organizations to discover and inventory software they have running in containers—a unique capability for a software asset management vendor in the marketplace.

Many CIOs and IT leaders have indicated that they lack the ability to identify software assets running in containers, a type of operating system virtualization whose use by enterprises is rapidly expanding. A single container contains all the necessary executables, binary code, libraries and configuration files required to run a software program.

Containers increase portability, making it easier to move software programs from one computing environment to another – for example, from a physical machine in the data center to the cloud. But because software running in containers is often isolated from other assets in the IT environment, it’s often difficult for an organization’s IT staff to have visibility into all of their assets running in containers.

Organizations across the globe are increasingly moving to a micro-services architecture, which is raising their dependence on containers. Having the ability to discover software running in containers, which Flexera now delivers, gives these organizations a significant advantage in managing and optimizing their IT assets.

Flexera, a leader in IT asset management for more than 30 years, has once again proven itself an essential IT optimization resource.

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