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SaaS-based delivery models are transforming the technology industry and customer experience. As the increasing complexity in hybrid IT environments creates greater challenges for IT leaders, more and more enterprises are shifting to SaaS-based models to compete in this evolving landscape.

Exclusive opportunity

Conversion incentive program

We’re pleased to announce that Flexera is aligning with this market transformation and simplifying the way our customers conduct business with us by transitioning to a subscription pricing model.

To make this conversion as seamless as possible, we’re offering a voluntary conversion program for our on-premises customers to transition to a full suite of Flexera One capabilities. For most offerings, the incentive covers the cost of the conversion, so you can migrate to our efficient SaaS platform with minimal cost and effort.

Flexera One
Technology value optimization at your fingertips

Increased efficiency, expanded options

Technology value optimization at your fingertips

This shift gives you increased flexibility to take advantage of all our current and future product offerings. Our IT Visibility, IT Asset Management, SaaS Management and Cloud Cost Optimization solutions help you gain more business value from every tech dollar you spend.


Our new subscription model gives you:

More flexible options to
“start small” and a lower
point-of-entry cost

Enhanced budget flexibility and conversion options

Lock-in pricing options for greater predictability

Improved ROI and ability to implement or scale our latest solutions

Illuminating insights

A view like never before

Flexera One gives you unprecedented visibility into your IT estate—from on-premises to SaaS and the cloud—with unified data discovery, inventory, and normalization from sources like Microsoft, BMC, Tanium and more.

Gain improved user experience, an enhanced user interface, modern navigation and innovative capabilities like vendor workspaces.

A view like never before
Increase the return on your IT investments

Enhanced technology

Increase the return on your IT investments

Enjoy substantial performance improvements associated with Flexera’s microservices architecture (e.g., license reconciliation processing time). Flexera One is built on a cloud-native platform that’s architected from the ground up, so you get its superior capabilities at your fingertips faster.

Flexera One is an open architecture with a multitude of APIs, making it easy to share data and optimize your investments in ServiceNow, BMC, Apptio, Cherwell and more.

The Power of Policies

Turn insights into action

Flexera One offers hundreds of out-of-the-box and customizable policies that enable you to take automated action.

The Power of Policies allows you to:

  • Secure your data by revoking SaaS subscriptions for inactive users
  • Assign available licenses to Azure by taking advantage of Microsoft’s Hybrid Use Benefit
  • Rightsize cloud instances for real-time cloud cost optimization
  • Be proactive about remediation and generate customizable alerts when any condition is met
Turn insights into action
Set your enterprise up for success

Take charge of spend

Set your enterprise up for success

Today’s rapid digital transformation is here to stay, and it means your IT spend is also shifting from traditional vendors to cloud and SaaS providers, which changes the dynamics of IT asset management. You need to maximize the value of your technology—regardless of where it’s hosted.

With Flexera One, you can optimize your on-premises, SaaS and cloud spend and future-proof these efforts as your investments migrate to the cloud.

Align technology value with business value

It’s never been easier to convert from on-premises and enjoy the full benefits of Flexera One. Our conversion tooling is based on prescriptive migration methodology that reflects cloud best practices:

Data Migration

A win-win partnership

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We’re here to support you at every stage of your journey to success. Let us show you how we can help you achieve the ROI you expect.

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