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Image: How mature is your ITAM?

Have you ever stopped to think about where your organization stands when it comes to your IT asset management (ITAM)? A lot of companies struggle with all that’s involved with managing IT assets. How are you managing your software and hardware?

ITAM can have a significant impact on your organization’s bottom line. Flexera’s 2023 State of ITAM Report shows that most respondents agree that as your ITAM program moves up the maturity curve, the savings your program can give back to the company also increases.

So how do you know where your ITAM program is on that maturity curve? As Executive Advisors at Flexera, we’ve all sat on your side of the table as ITAM practitioners and have experienced many of the challenges you face. We want to help you better understand your ITAM program and have put together a short maturity assessment to help you.

What is a maturity assessment?

A maturity assessment enables your organization to benchmark your ITAM program against best practices. It’s just another tool in your belt to help determine where your organization falls in relation to ITAM, and where you may want to focus your efforts to move your program to the next level.

Why are they important?

Using a maturity assessment can help you find where you stand against industry best practices. Knowing your strengths, as well as where you’re lacking, can allow you to make better decisions on where to spend your time and money in the future. Our Maturity Assessment can help you identify strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your ITAM practice. Where do you fall on the ITAM maturity curve? What areas would it be most beneficial to dedicate your time? Are you thinking about everything you should from an ITAM perspective?

All these are questions you can start to answer after completing the Flexera Maturity Assessment and taking some time to review your readout deck and score. Also included will be several case studies related to initiatives your organization is currently undertaking. Once you’ve had time to review everything, feel free to reach out to us to set up a call with one of our Executive Advisors to dive further into your results, or have a conversation about your ITAM practice.

Complete my assessment
Complete my assessment