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Image: Turn Your ServiceNow Service Catalog Into an App Store

ServiceNow™ is a recognized leader in platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings specializing in IT service management (ITSM). The ServiceNow ITSM solutions provide a service catalog and a single system of record for support and delivery of services. The ServiceNow Service Portal provides a single entry point through which employees request IT services on their own. The ServiceNow Service Catalog contains all of the services available.

ServiceNow has been successful in part due to the availability of snap-in applications developed by partners to expand its capabilities. Visit the ServiceNow Store to to find more.

Flexera App Broker for ServiceNow™ transforms the ServiceNow Service Catalog into a universal enterprise app store that automates governance over software license compliance and reclamation. Employees can request and obtain the enterprise applications they need for their devices including PC, Mac® and mobile devices. The app store manages the deployment of the requested applications to the user devices and provisions cloud-based services, all in a controlled manner. Automation speeds service delivery and frees up the IT staff for more strategic endeavors.

You can use ServiceNow as the IT system of record while automating the request, approval and distribution of authorized applications in a way that exceeds employee expectations. Working together with Flexera’s FlexNet Manager® Suite for Enterprises, App Broker for ServiceNow enables effective IT asset management to ensure continuous license compliance, all while optimizing the use of software assets. The benefits include lower software costs, increased operational efficiency and reduced software audit risk.

App Broker for ServiceNow is built on the same technology as Flexera App Portal and easily snaps into ServiceNow. If you already have App Portal and a current maintenance contract, you can switch to App Broker for ServiceNow at no cost. Contact us to learn more .