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Image: How to Stay a Step Ahead in an Evolving Hybrid IT Environment

Stay a step ahead in an evolving hybrid IT environment

The Named User License Consumption and Optimization report has just been released in Flexera One. This report brings a unique optimization capability in the hybrid IT world of subscribed applications that can be used online or on-premises (e.g., Adobe, Microsoft).

How it works

Flexera One SaaS Manager collects the active subscriptions and online usage directly from SaaS applications in your hybrid IT world. On-premises installation and usage data come from the traditional inventory tools such as SCCM or Flexera Agent.

The new report examines, per user, the installed and used application—as well as online usage—consuming the subscriptions. It then creates downgrade recommendations based on optimal costs. Current costs, optimal cost and optimizations are all provided. Simply run the report and get the actionable data to support your license reclamation project today.

Named User License Consumption and Optimization helps optimize costs with subscriptions

Discover what’s coming soon: SAM Optimization Hub

Flexera One delivers actionable insights and critical optimization across your most crucial vendors. That means when it comes time to renew your agreement with the heavy-hitters—such as Microsoft, Oracle or Adobe—you can be armed with the data you need to effectively negotiate.

But negotiating with your vendors is only half the battle. You also need to be thinking about ways to optimize your estate. This often means rightsizing your vendor relationships so you can save on costs and redirect your budget toward innovation.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the SAM Optimization Hub: your one-stop shop for negotiation readiness and asset optimization.

The SAM Optimization Hub provides a single-pane-of-glass view of optimizations for Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat and Adobe. The Optimization widgets provide your achieved and potential optimizations.

Optimize savings across your IT estate

Get a summarized report and drill down to the details that provide insights on realized savings and recommended changes such as user subscriptions downgrades, virtual machines with Oracle moves to specialized clusters and more.

The lower section links to the reports and gives all the explanations on various ways you can optimize. What makes this hub unique is that it goes beyond compliance and provides actionable data you can use to optimize your vendor relationships.

Use the collection of reports to demonstrate the ROI of your ITAM program by discovering tangible ways to save money for your enterprise. You can identify and remove a user for an application they’re listed for but haven’t installed. You can also identify crucial virtualization architecture errors. There’s plenty of ways to leverage the hub to your advantage.

If you’re a current customer and are interested in learning more about the new SAM Optimization Hub, please refer to our latest Community post from Flexera’s Senior Product Manager Nicolas Rousseau here.