Flexera and Coupa

Complete visibility and control of your SaaS spend

Software as a Service (SaaS) is one of the fastest growing areas of cloud computing, in some cases predicted to outpace platform and infrastructure services. Despite this accelerating SaaS adoption, most enterprise IT departments don’t know what SaaS apps are running in their environments or how they’re being utilized. Take control of your organization and:

  • Discover, manage, optimize and secure all of your SaaS applications
  • Gain visibility into unsanctioned SaaS spend
  • Stay in compliance with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA
  • Centralize reporting and track illusive users

SaaS is incredibly easy to purchase and spin up for use within a single day that IT teams are often unable to track and maintain visibility on its sprawl within the organization. Regardless of internal policies, SaaS applications are still often procured outside of official channels and not reported effectively.

This rapid spread of unsanctioned SaaS spend is shadow SaaS. Shadow SaaS causes a host of issues within the organization, from increasing risk of exposed data to increased maintenance and support costs.

Enter Coupa Expense, a market-leading expense management solution that solves spend issues with a relentless drive to ensure customer success and quantifiable results. In partnership with the business spend management (BSM) community, Coupa is co-creating new and unique capabilities that empower customers, partners, and suppliers with increased visibility, actionable insights, and solutions to manage their spend.

Coupa delivers the insights on SaaS application expenses and Flexera’s SaaS Manager identifies approved expenses, providing a single view of usage and unsanctioned spend so you can take action. Together, they deliver complete visibility and control of your SaaS applications—regardless of whether they’re licensed, approved or unauthorized. Reduce costs and eliminate risks of shadow SaaS with a single view of usage and spend.


Control Your SaaS Spend by Integrating with Coupa

Flexera SaaS Manager integration with Coupa delivers insights on SaaS application expenses from the Coupa platform that enable you to make better business decisions.