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Control the Chaos of Software Licenses and Risk

Government agencies can bring order and efficiency to their software license chaos with Flexera’s software asset management solution. Flexera tracks software licenses across the enterprise from purchase to end-of-life, benefitting agencies with:

  • Optimized spend on software and cloud services
  • Reduced financial risk
  • Software audit readiness
  • Compliance with federal mandates such as FITARA and MEGABYTE
  • Automated processes to improve IT operational efficiency

Flexera Data Platform: A Value Multiplier For Federal TBM

Federal agencies are employing Technology Business Management (TBM) practices to run their IT operations more like a business. With TBM, agencies:

  • Embed greater transparency and accountability into their IT spending
  • Translate IT spend into business and mission value
  • Power data-driven decisions that drive IT optimization, innovation, business transformation, and improved services

For agencies to fully exploit the value of TBM, they will need to extend their IT spend visibility down to the product level to power data-driven business decisions at the transaction level. This is where Flexera can help.


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7 Ways to Harness Your IT Assets to Enhance Mission Performance

Learn how federal leaders can reduce security risk, increase operational efficiencies, and deliver enhanced support to their agencies’ critical mission objectives with a complete view of IT assets with Flexera solutions.

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Why Federal Agencies Are Embracing Technology Business Management

Download this white paper to learn how Flexera Data Platform is a value multiplier for Federal technology business management (TBM).

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Defense/Intelligence Agencies – Viable Assets and End-of-Life Issues

Most cyber attacks exploit well-known vulnerabilities lurking in software and hardware that have reached end-of-support or end-of-life. If you don’t know what’s on your network, you have no idea how vulnerable you are. Read this white paper to learn how you can get complete visibility with Technopedia.

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The Promise of Multi-Cloud

Read this report by Federal Computer Week to learn how visibility and inventory are keys to getting maximum benefit from a multi-cloud environment, even as the IT landscape continues to shift.

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Entrepreneurial Government: Cybersecurity presented by Flexera

View this video from Government Matters to learn more about cybersecurity from panelists Wanda Jones-Heath, Chief Information Security Officer U.S. Air Force and Tristen Yancey, Regional Vice President, Federal, Flexera.

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Getting to Cloud Smart: What Government Can Learn From Industry

Read this white paper to learn how Flexera can help government agencies take the right steps to be cloud smart.

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Gain valuable insights and intelligence from IT analytics that fuel better business decisions.