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Image: Assess coverage. Automate package deployment. Save time and resources. Rinse. Repeat.

In IT—as in the rest of the business world—time, effort and resources are finite. What can you do to make the most out of all three and keep software up to date? Automate.

Wrangling your organization’s substantial software portfolio while keeping up with recurrent release updates is a critical and time-consuming job for any IT professional. You can easily spend endless hours preparing application deployments, testing for compatibility, trying to stay current with updates, as well as researching silent command line switches and customization options. Automation is key to efficient management.

How do I automate my package deployment?

With the release of AdminStudio 2020, Flexera introduces a few powerful package automation capabilities to keep your software portfolio up to date with latest versions as they’re released:

  • Ensure you’re managing all applications within your environment and identify where you may need to remove unnecessary applications. Assess your coverage of applications by comparing external inventory data against those managed within AdminStudio.
  • Package Feed module: covers thousands of installers, and AdminStudio can now help you assess coverage against an inventory of the software titles you care about. It’s easier now to determine what applications are covered by the Package Feed Module.
  • Subscribe to applications in order to monitor software updates and automatically execute pre-configured actions to get them ready for deployment.

Oh, you support Microsoft Intune as well?

Not only can AdminStudio now automatically create a new package for you (in the format of your choosing) as new versions become available, but it can automatically publish them to Intune. Easily create an intunewin package from any installation package and publish MSI and MSIX packages directly to Intune.

What’s this about InstallShield 2020?

You heard that right—build your MSIX and modification packages straight from InstallShield, the leading setup authoring tool. Leverage InstallShield’s support for MSIX Core to build MSIX packages for the older versions of Windows Operating System which do not natively support MSIX packages.

Flexera offers more than just repackaging. While AdminStudio is known for its uncanny ability to build customized, silent installers in a variety of enterprise formats, it also provides support for directly handling vendor setups without the need to repackage. How does it do it? See the AdminStudio 2020 datasheet for more information.

Save time and refocus your efforts on more pressing business needs with the help of Flexera.