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Image: Make application readiness a part of your IT ecosystem

Do you have a Windows migration coming up? You’ve already done that? Then all your application packaging needs are done and you can just forget about your applications. Just kidding. Tending to the updates necessary for existing applications need just as much love (or maybe more) than requests for new applications. Today, 85 percent of applications deployed leverage the native command line capabilities of the vendor-provided installer, so they can be distributed without need to be repackaged. However, whether you have feature updates, security updates or new requests for applications, the need to prepare and roll out third-party application deployments will be ongoing.

Application packaging works with your existing processes

With Flexera’s AdminStudio latest release, you can easily integrate into your existing package request workflows. While this may traditionally involve a simple service desk ticket, in the modern era of interconnectivity, it’s important to make technology work together simply and seamlessly—in this case, through a documented REST API now available from Flexera.

With this API, which works very similarly to how you’d call an API to create a service desk ticket, you can add package requests directly to a backlog managed within AdminStudio. With so many requests for packaging, the ability to collect, prioritize and execute such tasks makes what may be an overwhelming task far more manageable.

When working through your package backlog, some packages can take longer than others. The fastest route to success is via AdminStudio’s  Package Feed Module, which receives a number of valuable enhancements in AdminStudio’s latest updates. It’s now easier to customize deployments thanks to application-specific customization options for more than 3,400 installers right out of the box, saving you time otherwise needed to investigate which customizations are available. Automate processing of new versions as they become available to manage software updates as fast as possible with as little effort as possible. Also included are icon images, which are great for identification, but even better for self-service systems and distribution methods that may require the use of a reference image.

Add to that the validated silent installation (and uninstallation) commands for more than 2,600 installers (with more continuously added), and you’ll find your deployment process becoming more simplified and less intrusive. See for yourself with our 21-day trial, or in this short video demonstration.

Package your applications effectively

What’s more, AdminStudio isn’t done helping make your application readiness more efficient. We’ve improved our new, dedicated MSIX editor and added App Attach support to better support Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) environments. And as usual, we’ve added support for the latest Microsoft updates, including Windows 10 compatibility, with the latest-released builds and updates to SCCM and its application model.

Be more effective at keeping up with packaging demands with industry leading, innovative features that simultaneously help you work faster and produce higher-quality results while keeping your environment secure and up to date. Click on the links below to learn more.