Diversity, equity and inclusion at Flexera

Where everyone belongs

We believe many perspectives improve vision and strategy. We’re passionate about inspiring actions that advance our goal of building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce.

Persistent accountability, radical empathy and acknowledging past exclusion are essential in this journey.

Examples of our initiatives:

Fostering recruiting relationships

Fostering recruiting relationships with diversity-focused organizations and universities

Manager training

Manager training includes hiring without bias, leading without bias, identifying bias in performance evaluations and unconscious bias

Celebration of global cultures

Celebration of global cultures via our "Culture Book" and geographic inclusion guidelines

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, run by employees, develops programs celebrating diversity

Regular company-wide diversity talks

Regular company-wide diversity talks on a variety of topics such as Black History Month, Asian American Pacific Islander Month and mental wellness

Our Women in Business employee resource group

Our Women in Business employee resource group hosts a yearly Women’s Summit that focuses on networking and career development

We measure and hold ourselves accountable to our commitment to diversity and inclusion via twice-yearly employee Pulse Survey and employee hiring/retention metrics.

Part of How We Roll is ensuring everyone feels comfortable bringing their whole self to work—and we strive to do that, across the company and around the world.

Jim Ryan

President and
Chief Executive Officer


Meet Flexera’s DEI Leadership Council

Click on our member profiles to read their views on diversity, equity and inclusion.

El Lages

Chief People and Culture Officer

Michelle Benko

Director, Employee Communications and Engagement

Mariana Gutierrez

Team Lead, Renewal Sales

Lisa Watt

Senior Software Engineer

Nora Tramm

Senior Software Development Engineer

John Andrew

Vice President, Human Capital

Alex Mann

Team Lead, Technical Support

Stuart Gomez

Senior Manager, APAC Alliances

Alejandro Lavie

Director, Customer Success

Lalita Ponnekanti

Senior Director, Product Operations and Lifecycle Management

Ramya Jagadeesh

Manager, Content Engineering

Hannah Gamble

Organizational Effectiveness Coordinator

Sean Doherty

Senior Vice President, Customer Experience

Raegon Gilson

Manager, Global Services Operations

Waqas Mahmood

Manager, Technical Support

Stephanie Sweeney

Senior Proposal Manager

T. J. Huestis

Director, Talent Access

Dhan Iqbal

Regional Account Manager

We embrace and celebrate diversity

We believe diversity helps make Flexera a great company. We proudly celebrate it in our offices around the globe.

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