Secunia Research Team

The World’s Premier Vulnerability Intelligence Resource

The Secunia Research team from Flexera Software is comprised of a number of security specialists, who besides testing, verifying, and validating public vulnerability reports, also conduct their own vulnerability research in various products. Since the inauguration of the Secunia Research team it has been our goal to be the most accurate and reliable source of vulnerability intelligence.

Being the world's best vulnerability intelligence source requires skilled and dedicated staff with a passion for vulnerabilities.

To reward our staff for their persistent efforts in verifying vulnerability reports and to ensure that they possess and hone their skills necessary to find vulnerabilities, we have awarded some staff dedicated time to conduct vulnerability research.

The Secunia Research team members spend some of their time researching various high-profile closed source and open source software using a variety of approaches, but focusing mainly on thorough code audits and Binary Analysis.

This allows them to sometimes discover hard-to-find vulnerabilities that are not normally found via e.g. fuzzing techniques and the approach has been effective. Members of the Secunia Research team have discovered critical vulnerabilities in many popular products from various vendors including: Microsoft, Symantec, IBM, Adobe, RealNetworks, Trend Micro, HP, Blue Coat, Samba, CA, Mozilla, and Apple.

Kasper Lindgaard Kasper Lindgaard Director, Research and Security

Kasper Lindgaard is Director of Research and Security at Flexera Software. He originally joined Secunia as Security Specialist in February 2011, and became Head of Research in September 2012.

Kasper Lindgaard is in charge of developing and managing the research team, and is responsible for the quality and reliability of Secunia Research, including the Secunia Advisories. Secunia’s Research Team is respected throughout the security industry as provider of verified vulnerability intelligence of the highest caliber.

Kasper Lindgaard works closely with software vendors and the security community to ensure that Secunia Research is able to deliver the timely and accurate vulnerability intelligence. As a Flexera Software spokesperson, Kasper Lindgaard offers insights into vulnerability intelligence and trends in the security community.

Prior to joining Secunia, Kasper Lindgaard worked with development and code auditing.

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