Flexera Launches Patch Automation for Software Vulnerability Manager

Manage More with Existing Resources Thanks to Intelligent Automation

Itasca, IL - March 31, 2020 Flexera, the company that helps organizations maximize business value from their technology investments, today released a powerful new Patch Automation capability for its popular Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) solution.

In the current state of technology, every organization is at risk due to the many software vulnerabilities that affect their environment. The volume of threats to manage is constantly growing—exploits, attacks and software vulnerabilities are constant and hit organizations at a seemingly unmanageable pace. SVM identifies these vulnerabilities and helps effectively prioritize remediation efforts to ensure a focus on publishing patches that matter. This is especially important as organizations come to the realization that patching every vulnerability is impractical. The new Patch Automation provides overwhelmed IT teams the ability and support to do more with resources already available.

“Patch automation could not come to SVM at a better time,” said Bob Kelly, director of product management at Flexera. “Helping existing teams do more is fundamental to the value SVM provides. Allowing for the automatic publishing of patches amplifies that benefit. Not only can SVM help companies ensure the patches they deploy are the ones most impactful to their environment, but the same criteria they establish for manual patching can be leveraged by this new automation capability. This allows companies to continue to avoid the noise of having to test the deployment of updates that don’t have a significant positive impact on their security.”

Comprehensive vulnerability management requires discovery of vulnerable software in the environment, threat intelligence to determine the likelihood of exploit, and the ability to leverage a repository of patches to quickly remediate criticalities. Efficient remediation with Flexera incorporates intelligent automation of that patching capability to act quickly, resourcefully and competently toward securing the software estate.

For more information about Software Vulnerability Manager, with a video about the Patch Automation, visit https://www.flexera.com/products/operations/software-vulnerability-management.html. Patch Automation is an included core capability of SVM.

For information on SVM pricing, packaging or a demonstration, contact Flexera at www.flexera.com or 1-800-374-4353.


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