Passwords are often stored in application code or configuration files, usually in clear text. This security gap presents significant risk, where sensitive database and application credentials are widely accessible to employees.

Flexera FlexNet Manager and Cyberark Application Identity Manager (AIM) work together to securely discover and collect hardware and software data for desktops, laptops, and servers. CyberArk Application Identity Manager enables you to protect critical business systems by eliminating hard-coded credentials from scripts, configuration files and software code.

Capabilities include:

  • Automated and secure software asset management
  • Support for desktop, data center & cloud
  • Application recognition and normalization
  • Securely store and rotate privileged credentials used by FlexNet Manager Suite
Flexera and Cyberark

CyberArk securely stores credentials which FlexNet Manager Suite uses to perform a secure discovery and inventory of hardware and software assets.

FlexNet Manager Suite requests credentials from CyberArk when it needs them. This allows a complete software and hardware inventory to be collected without compromising high security standards.

The CyberArk Application Identity Manager Solution combined with FlexNet Manager Suite provides secure agentless software and hardware discovery and normalization capabilities for comprehensive asset management and license compliance.