The authority to combat cyber threats

Keeping up with Windows OS upgrades and ensuring compatibility — and predictability — of their application service.

There are two things federal agencies need to manage their cybersecurity risks on their terms. Visibility into their IT infrastructures and cyber vulnerabilities, as well as actionable intelligence to prioritize and manage them. Our unique capability, proven by almost 60 federal sole-source awards, enables agencies to proactively assess their IT vulnerabilities, as well as prioritize mitigation efforts.

For Software Buyers:

  • Technopedia is the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of enterprise software and hardware. Ultimately providing increased transparency, accurate product information and real-time market intelligence for a government organization’s IT assets
  • Technopedia Normalize helps an organization achieve data alignment through data normalization, gain accurate visibility into deployments and eliminate time-consuming, manual efforts for data reconciliation
  • Software Vulnerability Research empowers a governmental agency’s IT team to manage proactively, with access to trusted vulnerability research covering over 55,000 applications
  • Software Vulnerability Manager tracks down vulnerable software across Windows, Mac OSx and Linux systems, assessing, prioritizing and fixing software vulnerabilities before risk can increase

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