Teaching the ways to better the system

Helping educational institutions increase employee satisfaction, application service delivery efficiency, and reclaim unused software licenses to save money

Aligning technology, processes and decisions. All around immediate and actionable data. We do it for schools like Wesleyan University and the University of San Francisco for one reason: to deliver a single, consistent accurate version of the truth. Used to align an institution’s IT technology, processes and decisions. From finance and procurement all the way to operations and compliance.

For Software Buyers:

  • Technopedia, the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of enterprise software and hardware, has the real-time market intelligence for all your educational institution’s IT assets
  • Technopedia Normalize cleans, aggregates and normalizes raw data, becoming the foundation for initiatives all throughout an educational institution
  • Software Vulnerability Research accesses trusted vulnerability research from over 55,000 applications to stay ahead of software vulnerability threats
  • Software Vulnerability Manager accesses, prioritizes and fixes software vulnerabilities before risk can increase

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