Business Challenge
Updates and Insights for Software and Devices

Connected or Disconnected. Always Up-to-Date. Updates and Insights for Software and Devices.

Business Challenge:

The number of connected devices continues to expand rapidly, making management of software updates a challenging task. At the same time, many devices are not connected at all. In some environments, including medical and industrial facilities, security concerns may rule out connecting to the Internet.

You need a single update solution with a view of what’s happening on the vast number of connected devices as well as the ones deployed on your customers’ private networks.


Flexera’s IoT Monetization platform efficiently manages and automates the software and firmware update process and provides software and device insights. FlexNet Edge, a smart edge server, extends software updates and data retrieval to the edge and to disconnected devices.

Gathering device status and usage data from all devices gives you the insights you need to make better decisions and provides you with a full track record of devices and software versions, delivering on today’s security needs and regulatory requirements in certain industries such as Medical.

Flexera’s entitlement-driven update technology ensures you’re targeting the right updates to the right devices and prevents revenue leakage from updates delivered to customers that weren’t even eligible.

Your customers will also benefit from staying current. They’ll see reduced support and maintenance costs. And help avoid expensive downtime and data breaches. Bottom line: you’ll deliver a better user experience.

How it Works:

Flexera’s Software and IoT Monetization platform manages customers, products, entitlements and updates. FlexNet Edge is deployed on your customer’s premises, within their private network. It connects to FlexNet Operations to check for updates, based on entitlements. New versions can be deployed automatically or controlled by a local administrator.

Device status data is consolidated in FlexNet Operations, providing you with the insights to make informed decisions:

  • Maintain an audit trail of delivery and deployments
  • Target the right customers with security updates
  • Trigger campaigns to move customers to your latest software release
  • Accurately plan for support and maintenance
  • Understand the impact of EOL decisions
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