Business Challenge
Plug-in and Go Application Security

Integrate with your development tools and enterprise IT. Scan OSS fast and efficiently.

Business Challenge:

Open source scanning is not a one-off, nor is it a separate task that you can run in a silo. Everyone needs a reliable process to find open source components in their code – no matter where they are hidden. Open source is a driver for fast and agile development, bringing innovation and efficiency to every software project, but you can’t reap the rewards without doing your due diligence.

How it Works:

An open source scanning tool needs to plug in to your build tools, DevOps cycle and your enterprise IT so you can reliably find everything – from packages to code snippets – and remediate issues quickly. Here’s what you can expect from FlexNet Code Insight:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with CI/CD (continuous integration / continuous development) tools, IDE and SCM tools, as well as artifact repositories and external repositories
  • Quick and easy remediation with a Jira plugin
  • Plug-and-go application security with existing enterprise systems
  • Plugins that allow scanning within your cloud build environment
  • Automated package-level discovery for reduced security risks and management of license compliance
  • Quick and easy integrations to any system you want to integrate with, using a set of REST APIs
  • A friction-free, intuitive solution that is easy to use and adds value not time to workloads
  • Access to the most experienced subject matter experts and services experts in the industry
Plug-in and Go Application Security - How it Works

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