Business Challenge
Prevent Open Source Vulnerabilities

Manage open source vulnerabilities and ship secure software

Business Challenge:

Software Vulnerabilities are at an all time high, with almost 20.000 documented in 2017 alone. There is a massive amount of undocumented open source code used in virtually all software -- far more than 50 percent is open source and third party. Yet it’s not being proactively tracked and managed. In fact, most developers are only aware of less than 10 percent of the open source code in their products. Do you have the necessary automated processes in place to minimize your vulnerability risk?


With Flexera, you can scan your software for vulnerabilities and prioritize your risks. You can track down vulnerabilities during development, at the build stage and in code that’s being used in your applications in production. Inject security into your development and build cycle, ship software that is free of issues and keep it secure over time.

How it Works:

Scan it. We’ll show you how you can for open source and third-party components and vulnerabilities every time you do a build of your software. We can provide you with an end-to- end solution for your development, legal and security teams to set and manage policies for your use of open source and third-party software.


Managing and Securing Automotive Software: A Shared Responsibility

Join Flexera’s VP of Product Management Jeff Luszcz, and Bill Weinberg of Open Source Sense as they tackle the numerous challenges faced by passenger car OEMs and their suppliers in establishing the provenance and ensuring the security of code in modern automotive systems, ranging from IVI and ADAS to fully autonomous vehicles.

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