Business Challenge
Agile DevOps Support

Automate the detection and remediation of license compliance and security issues in your DevOps lifecycle.

Business Challenge:

Now that the age of agile DevOps has arrived, you need a roadmap to software development that springs you ahead of your competitors. That strategy should include an automated, end-to-end open source scanning solution that supports the detection of license compliance and security issues during product development, when you build, and for products in production.

How it Works:

Agile DevOps Support - How it WorksFlexNet Code Insight integrates seamlessly into your DevOps environment and gives you confidence that your applications are free from vulnerabilities and security risks, and you’re free of license compliance issues. Software Composition Analysis with FlexNet Code Insight gives development teams:

  • Comprehensive scans as code is developed, moves to testing, and enters production
  • Continuous checks for OSS license compliance issues
  • Workflows that enable you to prevent unwanted license types from entering your code
  • Quick scans for your development teams to detect vulnerabilities related to components in use
  • Deep scans for your build teams, legal teams and security teams to find all evidence of open source and enable mitigation before the build or for software that’s in production

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