FlexNet Manager Suite Advanced License Reconciliation and Entitlement
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Manage Complex License Models for Critical Vendors Including IBM, Microsoft and Oracle

FlexNet Manager Suite Advanced Licensing(FNM-1400) is designed for those who will manage the licenses and purchases for a company. This course will assume a basic knowledge of the FlexNet Manager Suite as covered in the FlexNet Manager Suite Administration course (FNM-1200) or comparable experience with the FlexNet Manager Suite which is a pre-requisite for this course. This course covers the logic and advanced configuration options available in the FlexNet Manager Suite that are designed to handle complex license models and purchasing programs. Also included in this course, are vendor specific lessons for vendors covered by our Product Use Rights Library, including Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, Oracle and IBM.

Course Agenda

Course Introduction

  • DIY Software Asset Management – Software Asset Management Through Best Practices
  • Software Asset Management Process Overview

Advanced License Entitlement

  • License Reconciliation Overview (License Metrics)
    • Intro to License Reconciliation
    • License Entitlement Logic
    • License Counting Details
  • Applications and Licenses Deprecated
    • Application Evidence
    • Application Assignment
  • Application Recognition
    • Unlicensed Applications
    • Unrecognized Evidence
  • License Types
    • Overview of License Types
    • Volume/Device Licenses
    • User Licenses
    • Advanced License Types
  • Advanced License Configuration
    • License Priority
    • Scoping a License
    • Users on a Computer
    • Asset Configuration

License Optimization

  • Product Use Rights
    • License Rules
    • Multiple Use Rights
    • 2nd Use Rights
    • Upgrade/Downgrade Rights
    • Virtual Rights
  • Advanced Compliance Scenarios
    • CALs
    • Virtual Licensing
    • Suites and Bundles
    • Licensing in a Citrix Environment
  • License Optimization
    • Collecting Usage Data
    • Analyzing Usage Data
    • License Analysis

Vendor Specific Lessons

  • Microsoft Licensing with FlexNet Manager Suite
    • Microsoft Licensing Overview
    • Microsoft Volume Agreement
    • Microsoft Licensing
  • Oracle Licensing with FlexNet Manager Suite
    • Oracle licensing complexities
    • Oracle processor license
    • Oracle named user license
    • Oracle options (components)
  • Adobe Licensing with FlexNet Manager Suite
    • Adobe Licensing Overview
    • Adobe Volume Agreements
    • Adobe Licensing
  • Symantec Licensing with FlexNet Manager Suite
    • Symantec Licensing Complexities
    • Symantec Licensing
    • Symantec Agreements and Purchasing
  • IBM Licensing with FlexNet Manager Suite
    • IBM Licensing Complexities
    • IBM User-Based Licensing
    • IBM Processor-Based Licensing
    • IBM Sub-Capacity Licensing
    • ILMT

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