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Learn How to Create, Design and Implement a Multiplatform Installer with InstallAnywhere

The InstallAnywhere course will provide you with a solid understanding of the installation terminology and process involved in using the InstallAnywhere product to design and set-up a cross-platform installation.

This course will initially present and discuss the basics of the installation environment, and how to create, design, and implement your product installer, followed by building and testing your release images. The class continues by addressing advanced topics such as debugging, console and silent installations, merge modules, and working with custom code.

Who Should Attend
InstallAnywhere is appropriate for software engineers responsible for converting a finalized software product into an installable package that can be delivered to end customers. At the completion of the course, you will be able to use the InstallAnywhere products to successfully build multiplatform installers.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to create and organize your files and data into an installation project
  • How to use InstallAnywhere's actions to make system changes
  • How to customize your installer's appearance
  • How to build release images from the GUI or command line
  • How to deploy your installers in GUI, console, and silent mode
  • How to extend InstallAnywhere with custom code and panels

Course Prerequisites
Courses will be held on Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 systems; attendees should have a general working knowledge of the Windows operating system (in particular, familiarity with manipulating files using the command prompt and Windows Explorer). Some portions of the course assume intermediate Java programming experience and use of Java SDK command-line tools.

Course Curriculum
The following course sections and topics will be covered in the class. If you have a specific area that you think might need extra attention, mention it to your instructor on the first day of class.

  • Introduction to InstallAnywhere
  • Building Your First Installer
  • Basic Installer Development Strategies
    • Installation Planning
    • Creating an Installation Planning Worksheet
  • Introduction to the InstallAnywhere Advanced Designer
    • Overview of Installer Tasks
  • Basic Installer Customization
    • Customizing Installer Appearance
    • Conditional Logic with built-in Rules
  • Installer Organization
    • Install Sets, Features, and Components
    • Best Practices for Installer Organization
    • Adding Files and Directories for Installation
  • Introduction to Advanced Actions and Panels
    • Actions and Installer Task Constraints
    • Examples of Implementing Common System Changes
  • Customizing the Uninstaller
  • Implementing Maintenance Mode 
  • Debugging InstallAnywhere Installers
  • Advanced Installer Concepts
    • Console Mode
    • Silent Mode and Response Files
    • Uninstallation
    • Setting Installation Rollback Options 
  • Creating and Editing Build Configurations
  • Advanced Organizational Concepts 
    • Introduction to Merge Modules, Templates, and DIMs
    • Locating Existing Installed Components
  • Integrating InstallAnywhere with Automated Build Environments
  • Introduction to Custom Code
    • Creating Custom Code Actions
    • Working with Variables
    • Creating Custom Code Rules
    • Using Installer Services
    • Working with JNI
  • Custom Panels and Consoles
    • Simple and Advanced "Get User Input" Panels
    • Custom Code Panels
    • Working with Variables
    • Layout Managers and Action Listeners
  • Localizing InstallAnywhere Installers
    • Localizing Resources, Custom Labels, and Custom Code
    • Bidirectional Text Support
    • Best Practices for Localization