Wise Migration to AdminStudio
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Wise Migration Course Overview

This five-day, instructor-led conversion course is designed for Wise Package Studio users who are switching to AdminStudio. Attendees of the Wise Package Studio Migration to AdminStudio course learn the differences between the two solutions by going through every step in the packaging process. The course covers not only MSI repackaging, but also how to convert MSIs to the leading application virtualization formats.

You are not alone when it comes to making the switch. We provide the support you need with this special MSI conversion course.

  • A course specifically designed to support you, smoothly progressing you from beginner to expert
  • Learn from our experts with nearly 10 years of experience
  • A comprehensive agenda walking you through the AdminStudio environment
  • Providing key comparisons between Wise Package Studio and AdminStudio's enhanced capabilities
  • Experience the unique support for the top 3 Application Virtualization platforms
  • Get involved with practical examples and dedicated question / answer sessions

Course Agenda

Day 1: Level Set, Install AS, Capture an App
Primary Objective: Level set everybody, give an overview of AS, Install AS and begin using Repackager.

  • Introductions
  • Windows Installer Technology Overview
  • Overview of AdminStudio's process for repackaging applications
  • Key differences between WPS and AdminStudio
  • AdminStudio / Package Studio comparison (This will include a graphic mapping Wise Package Studio tools to AdminStudio tools, though that level of depth will not be explored deeply this early in the class)
  • Installing AdminStudio
  • Overview of the repackaging process
  • Capturing Applications
  • WPS SetupCapture vs. AS Repackager (Compare how the two are similar and different)
  • Exercise using Repackager

Day 2: Repackager, Using the InstallShield Editor
Primary Objective: Focus on Repackager and the InstallShield Editor

  • Review the Repackager exercise
  • Demonstrate how self-healing operates (in more detail than Day 1)
  • Look at the different file types produced by Repackager
  • Discuss Remote Repackager and Standalone Repackager and use cases/how they differ
    • Contrast with WPS SetupCapture
  • Exercise: Capture an application
  • InstallShield Editor
  • Exercise: Build a complete package using the InstallShield Editor

Day 3: Quality Assurance, Process, Custom Actions
Primary Objective: Focus on quality assurance and streamlining the repackaging process, and begin discussing MSI Custom Actions

  • MSI Package Validation
  • PackageExpert
  • WPS Test Expert vs. QualityMonitor
  • Exercise: Repackage another application (running through QualityMonitor)
  • WPS Preflight Deployment vs. AS Predeployment Test
  • WPS Workbench vs. AS Process Assistants
  • Exercise: Customize the Process Assistants
  • Exercise: Repackage another application (using Process Assistants)
  • MSI Sequences and Custom Actions

Day 4: Transform and Roll Out, MSI Chaining, MSI Upgrades, Begin Touching on Virtualization
Primary Objective: Focus on dealing with vendor installations that are already in the MSI format

  • MSI Sequences and Custom Actions (continued from Day 3)
  • Strategies for identifying hidden vendor MSI's
  • Transforms
  • Exercise: Creating a response transform
  • Exercise: Using the Transform Wizard
  • Exercise: Using Tuner to create a transform
  • Exercise: Directly creating a transform using the InstallShield Editor
  • WPS Package Distribution vs. As Distribution Wizard
  • MSI Chaining
  • Maintaining MSI packages through patching and upgrading
  • Virtualization Overview

Day 5: Application Virtualization and Conflict Management
Primary Objective: Focus on virtualization and conflict management

  • Automated Application Converter
  • Virtual Package Editor
  • WPS Software Manager vs. AS Application Manager
  • WPS ConflictManager vs. AS ConflictSolver
  • WPS SOE Snapshot vs. AS OS Snapshot Wizard
  • WPS Application Isolation vs. AS Application Isolation Wizard
  • WPS Impact and Risk Assessment vs. OS Security Patch Wizard