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Software Monetization Made Easy with Flexera's Consulting Services

More than 20,000 software applications have utilized Flexera software monetization solutions to implement monetization models, track and manage customer entitlements and electronically get delivered and updated. Flexera Global Consulting Services has helped many of these customers with robust software monetization consultation, implementation and training offerings that help plan and implement the solutions to leverage best practices and achieve business outcomes. Our experts are fully versed in best practices as well as the functionality of our solutions. The experts in our Flexera consulting service practice apply proven methodologies that result in thorough planning, sound design, and smooth implementation and configuration of your Software Monetization solutions.


Strategies of Licensing and Entitlement Management
This engagement provides software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers with insights into different strategies for deploying licensing and entitlement management solutions to increase the value of license and entitlement management deployment by understanding options available to design a solution.

Licensing, Entitlement Management and Delivery Assessment
This engagement will provide education on prevailing best practices, develop a proposal for the customer which states specific and actionable improvements to the licensing, entitlement management and delivery processes, business value of the improvements and next steps and improve the chances of success for a deployment project as business goals and objectives are clearly stated.

License and Compliance Policy Design
This engagement accelerates deployment success through well-defined and accepted requirements definition and ensures that the business requirements, structure and processes are defined to a level that is able to support the Operational Model.

Operational Model Design
This engagement will provide a single source of communication and knowledge transfer to enable entitlement and compliance management system design to accelerate deployment success in alignment with business objectives.

System Design
This engagement leverages our proven process for discovering requirements and use cases to improve time-to-market and achieve a more successful deployment of your software monetization processes and systems. System Design is a weeklong series of discovery workshops, followed by a three- to four- week design cycle.


FlexNet Licensing Setup
This engagement provides configuration and basic training assistance in getting a development environment set up, enabling software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers to quickly adopt FlexNet Licensing technology.

FlexNet Operations Setup
FlexNet Operations Setup is a standalone, two-or three-day engagement designed to leverage Flexera Software deployment expertise to help organizations through the installation and validation of their FlexNet Operations system in a development environment, achieving best practice-based entitlement management.

FlexNet Licensing Prototype
Get a solid head start on the licensing portion of software development, reduce learning curve time for developers, reduce the amount of time spent on licensing for a project and avoid some common scenarios that delay or derail the addition of licensing into a software project with this engagement.

Entitlement Hub Build, Test and Deploy
This engagement assists software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers with the design, implementation and integration of their entitlement management solutions through the development of a business-oriented architecture that combines business process management and service-oriented architecture principles.

Common Licensing Layer Build and Assist
This engagement is delivered in three activities and helps you define the technical architecture and interfaces for the common licensing layer, perform the development activities required to implement the licensing layer and integrate it with all products and complete testing, quality assurance and defect resolution.


FlexNet Operations Administration Training
FlexNet Operations Administration Training is a standalone, workshop-based engagement designed to provide the knowledge and hands-on training software vendors or intelligent device manufacturers need to implement FlexNet Operations in their back-office. The training focuses on an organization's ability to utilize FlexNet Operations as part of an integrated solution for licensing and entitlement management.