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Develop Processes and Roadmaps for Software Asset Management Program Success

While most organizations understand the significant benefits of a comprehensive software asset management and license optimization implementation, many are not realizing the anticipated return on their investment. This can be attributed largely to lack of preparation and inadequate consensus building before embarking on the project.

Without a clear software asset management plan, including clearly defined project goals and sufficient preparation, key technical issues can be overlooked and precious time wasted while the implementation team waits for resolution. Failure to engage key personnel early in the planning cycle can cause issues to surface that can stall the implementation. Further setbacks can occur when dependencies are not well understood and sequencing of key tasks is poorly orchestrated. SAM projects are complicated; so for companies to quickly realize the return on their investment, it is key to spend the time upfront clearly defining the project scope and resources required.

Flexera License Optimization Services help companies develop software asset management plans and roadmaps for implementation. The Software Asset Management Business Planning and Design Workshop, delivered by highly trained consultants well versed in SAM best practices and FlexNet Manager Platform installation and setup will set enterprises on a path to implementation success. The workshop helps companies gather information about the overall scope and goals of a SAM/IT asset management project. The focus is to guide a company through a best practice approach to implementing the FlexNet Manager Platform and integrating the solution successfully into the organization. This interactive workshop includes in-depth discussions around requirements and potential gaps in SAM/ITAM data, tools and processes. It then helps establish best practice approaches to integrating and managing the data, tools and processes to drive towards a successful implementation.

Business Problems Addressed

Upon successful completion of the Software Asset Management Planning and Design Workshop, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Avoid delays by proactively identifying technical, business and resource requirements for implementation
  • Streamline implementation by clearly understanding required tasks and dependencies
  • Identify challenges and risks up front to minimize implementation pitfalls

Delivery Approach

The workshop will be delivered to target specific areas related to the overall SAM/ITAM program and solution, including but not limited to:

  • Business Planning and Design
  • SAM/ITAM Best Practices Analysis
  • Initial Data Flow and Process Analysis
  • Technical Planning and Design
  • Software Catalog Needs Assessment and Design
  • Service Desk Integration Planning and Design