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Software Asset Management and License Optimization ROI Workshop
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A Robust Business Case will Help Secure Executive Buy-In and Investment

The lack of mature software asset management (SAM) processes expose enterprises to software audit liabilities and overspending. A mature SAM program supported by a Software License Optimization solution can control costs and reduce risks associated with software assets. But, many companies lack the facts and data needed to justify an investment decision. Flexera Software's Software License Optimization Services assist in assessing the current state of asset management maturity, help build the justification for a SAM and license optimization program, and develop best practice SAM processes and roadmaps for program implementation.

Such a program will set you on a path to the highest level of license optimization maturity where ongoing cost savings of 5-30% per year on software spend can be realized.

The Software Asset Management and License Optimization Return on Investment (ROI) Workshop is a 3-day engagement involving the active participation of client personnel to collectively perform a rapid assessment of existing SAM capabilities. An in-depth questionnaire drives the interactive session and client self-assessment responses and workshop findings populate assumptions within Flexera Software's proprietary ROI model. An estimated ROI and payback timeframe depict the business value associated with establishing a robust SAM and license optimization program across the enterprise.

Business Problems Addressed

Through successful completion of the service, your organization will gain the following benefits:

  • Understand software license liability risk level and license spend optimization opportunities.
  • Build a justification for SAM and license optimization program investment.
  • Determine an estimated payback timeframe and business value of SAM and license optimization.

Delivery Approach

The workshop service is delivered as a short-term engagement incorporating the following attributes:

  • An on-site, facilitated workshop conducted by a Flexera Software Senior or Principal Consultant who is a SAM subject matter expert. The workshop involves key client stakeholders familiar with the client's current SAM-related asset lifecycle business practices.
  • A comprehensive ROI Questionnaire (based upon the ISO 19770-1 standard) is disseminated in advance of the workshop and leveraged as the basis for discussion and assessment of current SAM capabilities.
  • Overall software spend and known compelling events (e.g. contract renewals, annual true-ups, software license audits, etc.) are identified by the client.
  • Key drivers and potential roadblocks are subsequently summarized, an estimated ROI is calculated utilizing Flexera Software's proprietary ROI Model, and a projected benefits realization timeframe is identified.
  • A review of workshop deliverables and key findings is conducted with participating stakeholders, including a discussion of the business justification for a SAM and license optimization program and next steps.