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IT Asset Inventory and Data Normalization Managed Service
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Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs by Consolidating Vendors and Applications

The goal of this first level managed service is to provide organizations with visibility and control of hardware assets and software installs throughout the customer’s IT environment. By knowing what is installed in the environment, enterprises are able to improve efficiency and reduce costs by consolidating vendors and applications, for example. Consolidation allows organizations to maximize volume discounts and reduce help desk costs associated with software support by minimizing the number of redundant applications.

Business Problems Addressed

The Inventory and Data Normalization Managed Service will provide the following benefits:

  • Visibility into hardware assets, including a monthly ‘Missing Computers’ report
  • Software asset visibility, with reporting on all commercial software discovered in the environment (greater than 10 installs);
  • Data normalization ensures that you have a consistent view of assets in terms of:
    • Manufacturer, model name, etc. (hardware assets) and
    • Publisher, title, version and edition (software assets)
  • Monthly health checks that offer detailed insight into current installations and configurations to identify areas where system performance may be improved

Delivery Approach

This managed service leverages our FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises solution which can be delivered ‘On-premises’, as a ‘Hosted’ solution, or ‘On-demand’—Software as a Service (SaaS). The delivery approach includes the following:

Inventory Service Components

Discovery and Inventory
Deployment of Flexera Inventory Agent (where required)
Connection to External Inventory Sources - includes the creation of up to four new adaptors
Inventory Collection of Laptops, Desktops and Servers - includes Windows, UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, and Mac devices
Discovery of Oracle Servers and Databases
Discovery of VMware Virtual Environments
Hardware Asset Management
Management of Hardware Assets at a Global Level
Technical Infrastructure Management
Inventory Data Validation
Software Asset Management & License Optimization
Ability to View Software Evidence Discovered via Inventory
Ability to View Applications Recognized within ARL (including freeware)
Identification of Application 'Type' for ARL Apps (i.e. commercial, freeware, component)
Review of Non Recognized Software Evidence*
Application Recognition Library Service for Commercial Applications* with > 25 installs not already in ARL
Discovery of Virtualized Software Consumption (covers software products used in VMware environments)

* Requires On-Premises or Hosted delivery model for FlexNet Manager Suite