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Reduced Audit Risk Means Fewer Unbudgeted True-ups

The goal of this intermediate level managed services software is to provide organizations with a Software License Compliance Position based on ‘purchased versus installed’ license reconciliation. By understanding its license position, organizations can maintain continuous software license compliance and reduce the risk of software audits. Eliminate unbudgeted audit true-up costs and negotiate with your vendors from a position of strength. The Compliance Service includes all of the Inventory and Data Normalization Service components and deliverables.

Business Problems Addressed

The Compliance Managed Service will provide the following benefits:

  • Monthly License Consumption and Software License Compliance Reports
  • Monthly Report of Unlicensed Applications—these are applications that have a non-zero install count but don’t have a license allocated

Delivery Approach

This managed services software leverages our FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises solution which can be delivered ‘On-premises,’ as a ‘Hosted’ solution, or ‘On-demand’—Software as a Service (SaaS). The delivery approach includes the following:

Compliance Service Components

Hardware Asset Management
Asset Lifecycle Management* (Installed, retired, in storage, etc.)
Management of Hardware Assets to a Group Level (may include geographies, departments or legal entities)
Software Asset Management & License Optimization
Application Recognition Library Service for Key Custom Applications* (where those products/titles have been identified in advance)
Creation of Adaptors to Import Business Data* - up to six ‘business importers’ – enables import of Purchase Order data for Purchased versus Installed license reconciliation
Creation of Licenses with Appropriate Metric – (includes device, user, processor, etc.)
Linking of Purchase Orders to Licenses and Installations
Validation of Purchase Data - for data anomalies and any non-software purchases
Management of Licenses at a 'Global Level' – i.e. tracked at an enterprise level

* Requires On-Premises or Hosted Delivery Model for FlexNet Manager Suite