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Faster ROI with Business Process Mapping for FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises

Gaining proficiency with any new solution involves two phases. The first is training, which focuses on learning how to use the capabilities of a solution such as FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises. Formal training builds a solid foundation for proficiency and productivity.

In the second phase, the client learns to apply functionality to address specific business issues within the enterprise. Flexera Software accelerates progress through this second phase with its Business Process to Product Mapping Workshops. With these workshops, clients enjoy a faster ramp-up time and early success with the FlexNet Manager Suite.

Flexera Software consultants work closely with the client to identify workshop topics that will deliver high value in the short term. They then design workshops that use client data and processes to bridge the gap between familiarity with functionality and fluency in using the solution to streamline those processes and solve business problems.

These workshops use business process mapping to deliver the key knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for a mature SAM program, enabling clients to become productive as soon as possible. As a result, clients enjoy shorter time to value and faster return on their investment in Flexera Software solutions.

Business Process to Product Mapping Workshops are delivered as a series of interactive sessions with key customer personnel on specific product-related processes. The workshops build on general product training to direct client team members on the day-to-day use of the Flexera Software product. Real-world scenarios employing client data provide hands-on experience in how to fully exploit the power of the FlexNet Manager Suite in the client's environment.

Business Problems Addressed

Upon successful completion of the Business Process to Product Mapping Workshops, you will realize the following benefits:

  • Tailored approach bridges the gap between product familiarity and proficiency
  • Sessions leverage client data and processes to fast track the path to proficiency
  • Faster ramp-up to full productivity accelerates time to value and increases ROI
  • Enhanced skills enable the staff to optimize software license management to reduce spend and maintain continuous license compliance

Delivery Approach

This service comprises a series of workshops targeted at specific areas of client need regarding use of Flexera Software solutions. The following are potential training topics; they relate to Flexera Software's overall software asset management and license optimization solution:

  • Product Administration
  • Data Flow and Validation
  • Software Asset Recognition
  • Contract Management
  • Management of Ongoing Purchases
  • License Optimization
  • Vendor-specific Sessions for Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Symantec and others
  • Discovery and Inventory
  • Inventory and Hardware Asset Management
  • Licensing Conventions and Best Practices
  • Establishment of a Baseline License Position
  • Advanced License Entitlement Management
  • Reporting Workshop

Flexera consultants can work with the client to identify other workshop training topics to meet specific business needs and ensure maximum value.