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Ensure a Fast Start and a Rapid Return on Investment with Workflow Management

With Flexera Workflow Manager services, you're positioned to automate and coordinate your entire software packaging process to achieve dramatic productivity and efficiency gains. The solution will also help you eliminate costly deployment errors and reduce help desk call volumes.

As with any new solution, however, it takes time for your staff to come up to speed and figure out how to design and implement an end-to-end packaging process that goes from initial application submission through sign-off or approval. The process must encompass a variety of packaging tasks, plus testing, quality assurance and eventually deployment.

It's a major undertaking. And if your staff needs help acquiring skills, becoming familiar with best practices and designing, building and testing an effective process, Flexera Global Consulting Services can help. Through our Workflow Manager Implementation services, you can benefit from the skills and knowledge of our experts, who have ten years or more of implementation experience for similar organizations.

Business Problems Addressed by Workflow Management Services

Our consulting experts can handle all or part of your implementation, ensuring a fast start-up and rapid return on investment. They will work closely with you to define (or redefine) your packaging process. They can help you:

  • Identify all parts of your current workflow process
  • Rationalize and simplify tasks where necessary
  • Remove unnecessary steps to drive efficiencies
  • Determine responsibilities, such as who each package should be assigned to and who should perform QC and user acceptance testing
  • Apply automation to eliminate cumbersome manual efforts

The end result of these workflow management services is a tailored and unified workflow that follows best practices for application readiness. Integration with external systems and a high degree of automation speed the preparation of applications for deployment in multiple formats, across multiple platforms. The end-to-end workflow process cuts testing, remediation, conversion and packaging time and reduces the time it takes to fulfill install requests.

Delivery Approach

Workflow Manager Implementation services include a baseline definition of the repackaging process and review of existing workflows as required. The high-level steps involved include defining:

  • The primary packaging workflow
  • Data elements for collection of data at any part of the process
  • Roles and responsibilities for the phases within the workflow
  • Where and how workflow tasks could be automated

An initial workshop enables the Flexera team to gather detailed information from stakeholders regarding the overall application packaging process and the requirements of your organization. The workshop covers:

  • Initial Needs Analysis and Discovery
  • Existing Process White-boarding
  • Process Rationalization
  • Automation Tasks Discovery and Prioritization

The team leverages the information gathered through the workshop to ensure that the design and implementation meet your needs.

Flexera Delivery Team Composition

Workflow Manager Implementation engagements are conducted by a senior or principal consultant with 7 to 15 years of experience with Workflow Manager and AdminStudio implementations, process improvement and standards settings for scores of organizations with similar business challenges.

They apply proven methodologies that result in thorough planning, sound design and smooth implementation of your process.