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Today's IT organizations often have huge application portfolios. They support thousands of users, many of whom want access to applications from multiple device types. What's more, IT must deploy applications in an increasing number of formats and support multiple deployment methods.

As a result, the job of preparing applications for deployment and keeping them in a state of application readiness has become incredibly complex. Limited resources and incomplete, manual processes that don't scale are hampering IT in its efforts to cut through the complexity and address enterprise demands for rapid application delivery. IT organizations need a comprehensive approach to application readiness that enables them to comply with stringent service level agreements (SLAs) while keeping operating costs low. They need to create an application packaging factory that streamlines, simplifies and automates application readiness tasks.

To that end, Flexera Software has created its Application Packaging Factory Blueprint offering. This fast-paced service engagement can help you completely re-architect your processes and utilize industry best practices to create an efficient, highly responsive application packaging factory.

Problems Addressed by Best Practice Application Readiness Process:

To meet the demand for fast, easy application access, you need a tight process supported by automation, standards and industry best practices. These are essential to delivering applications on time while limiting ongoing operating expenses. That's precisely what the Application Packaging Factory Blueprint offering helps you achieve. Just a few of the business problems this offering addresses include:

  • Quality issues that lead to failed application deployments. Flexera helps you eliminate issues that have root causes traced back to management process, initial requirements gathering, testing and deployment.
  • Long delivery lead times due to inefficient processes and controls. With an effective Application Readiness process, you'll fulfill requests for frequently used applications in hours instead of weeks.
  • Dissatisfaction among application owners. Your application packaging factory blueprint will eliminate delays and application issues that frustrate application owners because of the cost to the business in terms of lost productivity and revenue.
  • Missed deadlines for operating system rollout. Efficient processes and automation result in timely delivery of applications, which is essential for any operating system or hardware turnover.

Application Delivery Approach:

The streamlined Application Readiness service is delivered in workshops in which the Flexera team interviews key stakeholders to understand needs and define new or updated processes, standards and best practices. Workshops include but are not limited to:

  • Analyzing and Discovering Initial Needs
  • Whiteboarding of Proposed Strategies and Process
  • Rationalizing and Prioritizing Business Problems
  • Defining New Standards
  • Building Project and Implementation Plans
  • Introducing Project Phasing
  • Resourcing Plans

Flexera Delivery Team Composition:

This Flexera service offering is delivered by a senior or principal consultant with 7 to 15 years of experience with AdminStudio implementations, process improvement and standards settings for scores of organizations with similar business challenges. Your organization benefits from the lessons they have learned and the expertise they have developed over a long period of time.