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Maximize the Value of AdminStudio with Online Targeted Consulting

Dedicated Experts Provide Remote Assistance

Sometimes you need just a little help to make big progress. That’s why we have developed a unique online AdminStudio Suite MicroConsulting engagement. Dedicated Flexera Application Readiness experts will provide remote assistance to help you with application packaging, compatibility testing, application virtualization, repackaging, and more. You can also use the time for a Health Check, installation and setup, or where ever you need a little help.

A Unique Delivery Approach

The service includes eight hours of remote assistance (delivered over one business day) on up to two topics of your choice. The on-line format simplifies access and attendance for your team members at multiple locations.

Through online registration, you can review a selection of days and locate the Application Readiness topics that best meet your needs.

Choose From These AdminStudio Topics

This service is delivered as specialized 8 hour remote assistance, and you can choose the specific topics and approaches that best meet your needs including:

  • Application Readiness Process Health Check
    • Open issues review and recommendations
    • Packaging process review and recommendations
    • Customize packaging templates
  • Packaging Assistance
    • Over the shoulder assistance on your packages
    • Apply packaging techniques
  • Application Manager Setup
    • Infrastructure setup
    • Microsoft Configuration Manager Connection
    • Importing packages
    • Managing Applications
    • Viewing Application and Package Data
    • Viewing Reports in the Report Center
  • Application Compatibility Issues and Resolution
    • Configuring Tests for your Environment
    • Viewing and filtering Test Results
    • Performing Automatic Issue Resolution
    • Performing Manual Issue Resolution
  • Publishing Applications to Microsoft Configuration Manager
    • Create named connection
    • Specify deployment settings
    • Publish Using the Application Manager Tree
  • Windows Installer Packaging Overview
    • Setup Design and Components
    • Property Manager
    • System Configuration
    • Windows Installer Conditions
    • Release Wizard
    • Creating Templates
    • Testing Guidelines
    • Handling Locked-Down Environments
    • Using Custom Actions
    • Editing and Applying Transforms
  • Application Virtualization Best Practices
    • Converting a Windows Installer Package to a virtual Package
    • Launching Packages for Testing
    • Publishing Converted Packages
  • Automated Repackaging Best Practices
    • Preparing Virtual Machines
    • Automated Application Converter
    • Platform API

Flexera Delivery Team Composition

Service engagements are delivered by Senior or Principal staff with 5-15 years of experience with AdminStudio implementations. Additionally, they have experience with delivering hundreds of Application Readiness projects for numerous verticals such as energy, health care, financial services, and the government sector.

Register online to select available days and the Application Readiness topics that best meet your needs